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Grey Structure Construction Cost of 10 Marla House

Everyone wants to have their own home as it gives them peace of mind and they feels safe on their property. If you have lived in rental houses you must have an idea that how it feels to change your home often. It’s such a frustrating and tiresome process that’s where the urge of having your own house produced is. Before you start constructing your own home you must have a total estimate of the house. So that you should prepare yourself to bear such expenses and make it ready at the time when you need to spend. If you are looking to have an estimate of 10 marla construction cost in Lahore, you are at the right place. We will let you know all the details that you need to build a grey structure and you’ll also get to know the approximate details for finishing your house. Lets talk about grey structure construction cost of 10 marla house in 2024

All the details For 10 Marla Construction Cost in Lahore

You need not worry about searching for any other source when Glorious Builders is there to provide you with all the necessary details. Let us discuss all the materials, labor, and other essentials you need to build the grey structure of 10 Marla in Lahore.

Covered Area in 10 Marla House Construction in Lahore

Before we go into the details of the 10 Marla construction cost in Lahore you should have an idea about the area that your house will cover. Because most of the material and labor estimation is done according to the area. So if you are going to build a double-story house then its area will be 3,300 sq. ft. to calculate the area of the upper and lower portions divide the area into half. The lower portion will take almost 1650 sq. ft. and the upper portion will take 1550 sq. ft. because mumtee also covers an area of 100 sq. ft.

Proper Guide to Building a Grey Structure Construction in Pakistan by a Master in Grey Structuring Company

In this blog, we are discussing the Grey Structure Construction Cost of 10 Marla House but complete construction and finishing of the house are also included. So building a house is divided into two parts:

  • Construction of Grey Structure
  • Giving Finish Look

Although grey structure construction cost in Lahore is based on the type of material you use and the number of rooms and other parts of the house you build. We are giving the cost estimation of the house that is a double story house with 5 bedrooms along with attached bathrooms for each bedroom. As we take care of the convenience of our customers so you can make changes upon request according to your needs. There will be two kitchens, 1 dining area or drawing room, a terrace, laundry space, and a mumtee.

Material Needed to Construct the House

The cost of the material varies with time as the expense of material increase or decrease with time. So you cannot have the estimate for one year and think that it will remain the same for the coming year also. Prices of everything increase with time. Below is the material that you need to construct the grey structure of a house:

  • Bricks
  • Ravi Sand
  • Chenab Sand
  • Crush + Rori
  • Cement
  • Steel
  • Plumbing material
  • Electric wiring material
  • Ghassu
  • Grills
  • Choughat
  • Main Gate

If you are looking to build a complete house this material wouldn’t be enough because to provide finishing you will need another type of material also.

Construction Cost of 10 Marla House

We are working as the best home builders in Lahore, providing plans and making a budget for the house but you cannot say that it will remain the same for the coming days. Because there will be changes in the prices of the material and even the labor cost can increase or decrease. You can consider this as a general cost estimation otherwise it may vary in different cities, areas, market rates, and choices of material.

What is Included in the Grey Structure of the House?

Grey structure is the foundation of your house, the first and foremost thing that you do to build a house. The Grey structure of the house includes:

  • Foundation Construction
  • Wall Building
  • Plumbing
  • Electric Wiring
  • Connections
  • Floor Leveling
  • Cement Plastering

The pricing of each material and labor cost is different for different parts of the house. Below is the general estimation of every material:

  • You need almost 9500 bricks to build the foundation and overall structure of the house. There are several types of bricks you can choose according to your budget.
  • 1000 cement bags will be needed to construct a 10 Marla house and every cement bag starts at 950-1000 Pkr. So the total cost of cement would be a maximum of 10, 00,000.
  • The sand rate for Ravi and Chenab is different, for Ravi sand cost 25 Pkr and for Chenab sand cost 40 Pkr per cube feet. So the total estimate of sand is 48,000 Pkr.
  • The crush/Bajri rate of Sargodha is 55 Pkr sq. ft. total crush rate of Sargodha will be 115,500 Pkr.
  • The cost needed for Ghassu(which makes your foundation strong) is 85,000 Pkr.
  • For a 10-marla house, you need 5 tons of steel which are 190 Pkr per kg. The total estimate of steel would be 950,000 Pkr.
  • The rate of Choughat (Door and Window Frames) also depends on the material used, for steel material it would take cost around 150,000 to 200,000 PKR.
  • The cost of a strong main gate with a wide length would be 90,000 Pkr.
  • To install the whole plumbing system you need almost 220,000 Pkr.
  • For properly installed electric wiring you need almost 150,000 Pkr.
  • The Labour rate in Pakistan is 400 Pkr per sq.ft.and the total cost of a 10-marla house would be 1,320,000.

With all these calculations you can say that the total cost you need to build the grey structure of 10 marla house is 5,701,500 PKR. Although this can be different for every other individual because it depends on the material you choose. Also, the cost of labor can be different for different areas. Constructing your own house is a significant and good choice, although there are several construction companies in Lahore. But you wouldn’t find anyone better than Glorious Builders in Lahore. We provide quality with satisfaction and we are the best in grey structuring and in the 1st time in Pakistan we give 4 year comprehensive warranty .

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