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Best Kitchen Design Layouts

The best kitchen designs - how to achieve a functional kitchen

There is no such thing as the best kitchen design. Because a kitchen has to be designed according to a specific room and the specific needs of the user. Nevertheless, there are some guidelines that have a significant impact on the functionality of the kitchen.

The working triangle

The most popular design principle when it comes to the kitchen is the working triangle. This concept aims to achieve a workflow that minimizes movements. It’s a triangle that connects the three main areas of your kitchen – sink, cooking area (hob/oven) and refrigerator. Why is the triangle rule used in the best kitchen designs? These three areas are the most used areas in a kitchen. Therefore, it is of great importance that the distance between them is taken into account. The stove, sink and refrigerator should be placed at such distances that they are easy to reach. This ensures efficient cooking and food preparation. However, don’t put them too close together, because then it just becomes too narrow. The working triangle is not a rule, which must be strictly followed since the size and shape of the kitchen may allow other solutions. However, it is a good guideline to consider when redesigning a kitchen.

kitchen areas

When deciding on an optimal floor plan for a kitchen, the user should consider creating dedicated zones for different tasks. This ensures efficiency and user-friendliness, since e.g. B. cooking utensils, pots and pans within reach of the stove and oven, ie the cooking area would be.

Another area to consider when planning the floor plan is the food prep area. In this area it is important to have enough work space to work freely. Equipment should be in the immediate vicinity. Ie, knives, cutting boards and maybe a trash can to get rid of waste immediately.

Cleaning and hygiene is another area that needs to be considered. Because of this, cleaning tools and chemicals are often located under the sink, and the dishwasher is often right next to the sink.

These are just a few kitchen decor ideas . The layout of your specific kitchen depends on your personal needs and desires. Our suggestion is simply to consider how to set up your kitchen in a way that is beneficial to you and your lifestyle.

The best kitchen designs in 2022

Without a doubt, this year’s trends are influenced by the current socio-economic situation, which has allowed us to know the pros and cons of our houses and apartments.

The year 2021 is a turning point when it comes to kitchen design as well as interior design in general. Since we have been working from home for the last few months, we have noticed a change in people’s housing situation. We value our home more and more and have a different need to express ourselves in our interiors. It has become more important than ever that we are doing well and that we feel comfortable at home. That’s why we found that the popular trends range from Scandinavian white to simple earth tones and bold colours. The common thread is quality and natural materials that bring both life and warmth to the interior, such as natural stones and woods.

Choice of furnishing style for the interior

For a successful kitchen design, it is advisable to stick to one style. Although some mix and match can add personality to the interior, too much can quickly become overwhelming and discordant. So stick to one design style and add personality with a few carefully chosen design elements or accessories and we are confident that you will be able to create a great kitchen design.

We know that sometimes choosing decorative accessories isn’t as easy as it sounds, it can really be a daunting task. So here we offer you a few inspirational kitchen design ideas that will help you design a well-thought-out, trendy, comfortable and cozy kitchen.

Classic kitchen design

Despite the new era in which we live and in which technology and comfort are gaining the upper hand, the classic furnishing style is not losing ground on the trend market. The design style is modest when it comes to the choice of kitchen utensils and appliances. Instead, he relies on natural elements such as wood and a wide variety of different beautiful and traditional decorative elements such as cups and bowls. Textiles are also very welcome as they bring life and softness to the interior while providing a functional attribute to the interior.

Classic kitchen design lahore

Futuristic kitchen design

If you are interested in futuristic kitchen designs, you should learn a few principles that influence this design style. A very distinctive feature of this style is the glossy countertop and glossy fronts. The design affects both the look of the kitchen and its functionality, because the shinier the materials, the easier it is to clean. Minimalism is another feature of the contemporary kitchen, and if you are looking for a modern and simple design, we recommend excluding unnecessary, dust-collecting decorative accessories.

In addition to the abandonment of unnecessary accessories, modern kitchen designs are characterized by simple geometry and the absence of ornaments or additional frills. The best kitchens of this design incorporate technological solutions (like 2-in-1 appliances) that both facilitate efficiency and make the interior look futuristic and modern.

Futuristic kitchen design lahore
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