10 marla House Construction Cost in Lahore

10 Marla House Construction Cost in Lahore

Everyone wants to have their own house so that they can design it according to their desires and turn it into their dream house. As time is passing by and the world is processing, so is the rate of everything increasing. Building your own home can be a hectic and tiring process because you don’t have any idea what sort of construction material will be used and how much will it cost.

If you are planning to build a double-story ten Marla house, its area will be 3300 sq. ft, and if you divide the area into several stories.  Then the area of the ground floor will be around 1650 sq. ft and the first floor will take around 1550 sq. ft. Besides, that muster covers almost 100 sq. ft.

Details of House Construction Cost in Lahore

If we go into the details of the house then there will be 5 bedrooms and every bedroom will be having to attach a bath for your convenience. As it’s a double-story house, there will be two kitchens, two TV lounges/living areas, a staircase leading to Mumtee, and a drawing room on the ground floor. For flooring tiles are used of your choice and for countertops of the kitchen marble is used. Also for the staircase, we prefer to use marble so that they don’t feel slippery.

Division of House in DHA Lahore

House is divided into two parts, first, we focus on constructing the structure of the house, and then finishing the house is done as per requirements. As a renowned home builder in Lahore, we divide the house into two parts to evaluate the actual cost:

  • Construction of Grey Structure
  • Finishing of the House

Material Required in House Construction in Lahore

Before you get to know about the total cost and other details of construction, you should have an idea about the material. So that you can have the estimate of the material and you should have it at your place before the construction starts. The basic material used to build the grey structure is:

  • Bricks
  • Rebar
  • Wiring
  • Sand
  • Cement
  • Kassu
  • Gravel

Material is ready and now it’s time to prepare labor because without having labor you can’t even think of constructing the house. They are the experienced and hardworking people who make your material turn into a beautiful house. Let us discuss the details of the 10 Marla House Construction costs that you need for labor.


Usually cost of labor is calculated per sq. ft, although everyone cost differently but Glorious Builders are offering the labor cost at Pkr 375 per sq. ft. So if we calculate the total cost of labor for 10 Marla then it would be around Pkr 1,237,500 for the area of 3300 sq. ft for a double story.

Complete Estimate of Grey Structure

We need to know the precise amount of materials needed to get a detailed estimate for the grey structure of a 10 Marla house. You must ascertain the cost of the unit and the number of bricks required to construct it. The market price for a brick in the Awwal category right now is PKR 12.90. A 10-Marla house will require 90,000 bricks for a double-story grey construction, costing PKR 1,224,000 in total. We provide the best construction cost in Lahore and aim to satisfy our customers in every aspect.

Plumbing and Wiring

Plumbing and wiring of the house are included in the grey structure because you cannot do it after the basic construction is done. As it’ll destroy the look of the house, setting up the proper drainage system is necessary before finishing. Similarly, you need to install the wiring system before anything if you want to run electric appliances smoothly without facing any hazards. To install proper plumbing in the house you’ll need almost Pkr 135,000, so keep this amount in mind. Being the best home builders in Lahore we take care of your every detail and our professionals are always ready to provide their services.

Grills, Gate & Chougat Steel

When constructing a home’s foundation, the value of steel cannot be overstated. We prepare the door frames with steel. Frames of steel doors take cost almost PKR 76,500. Safety grills and a strong gate with proper coverage are necessary for the security of your house.

A 10-marla house’s tile and marble finishing costs depend on the quality of the tiles being used. The chosen tile for A-category 10 marla homes is the master tile. Look at the breakdown of the tiles that were utilized in the building.

Cost of Finishing the House

Cost of Tiles and Marbles

The house’s flooring is made up of about 290 Master tiles, costing PKR 2,100 per square meter. The tiles in the bathroom, garage, and terrace are not included. The sum of the flooring costs comes to PKR 560,000.

Electrical Components

The positioning of switchboards is necessary to decide during the building process. Place them in strategic locations that are both conveniently accessible and out of children’s reach.

Accessories of Bathroom and Kitchen

Your house will never give a complete look without the finishing of the kitchen and bathrooms.  For the cost of a single kitchen, you’ll need almost Pkr 50,000, which would be double for two kitchens. It’s just the price of setting up the hood. You almost need the cost of Pkr 390,000 for two kitchens and five washrooms attached to every bedroom.


Grey structure is the foundation of your house and to give your house a complete look, you have to provide finishing services. Although there are several construction companies in Lahore you wouldn’t find anyone better than Glorious Builders. We provide satisfactory paint and ceiling services, installation of windows, mirrors, and completion of the woodwork with all necessary details. We believe in quality rather than quantity when it comes to serving our customers. This is what makes us the best among other home builders in Lahore.

After calculating all the necessary costs, you must keep an amount of Pkr 8431500 in your mind.

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