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Buildings and constructions are an essential part of the human experience. We spend our lives, work there,

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Gray structure includes all the constructional processes excluding all the ornamental and architectural work.

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The turnkey projects are one which is intended, developed and prepared with all services by a company under

home builders

Once the concept drawings are finalized by the appointed architects, structural designs are designed to execute your project.

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The goal of interior designers is to improve the user experience by better managing the space available in the intervened environment.

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Unrivalled Reputation

Offering an unrivalled reputation in the industry creating beautiful homes and property renovations, all the while making sure our clients enjoy the best possible self-build home experience.


Structural drawings usually refer to drawings of concrete, steel, wood and other building structures.


Our range of capabilities allows us the freedom to provide diverse architectural solutions, to leverage innovative products

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Our Credence in Doing Business With You

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    To assure the trust of our client and quality of ending product, company ensures the recent technologies to be introduced.

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    We care about your property and our work standard, and we will make you a home or workspace you can be proud of.

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    We take ownership of your project to deliver and maintain the highest standards of service and work.

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    We are driven and committed to providing excellence from start to finish. You can place your trust in us.

Our Mission

In The Field Of Construction And Building

Among the construction companies in Lahore, Glorious Builders is one of the leading brands that deals in architect, interior and landscape designing and what not. Our aim is carrying architecture, interior design and production below one canopy to offer an exceptional and custom-made outcome. Glorious builders believe in the construction of innovative spaces that reverberate with the environments. We lay our heart and soul in giving consistent interior and architecture design outcomes. We have manufactured some of the most outstanding projects in just a few years.

From a client’s perspective, I would be finding tons of construction companies near me that provide plenty of services. But, choosing the right one is the real tackle. We put all our determinations into our client’s work and tributes to be an inordinate service and construction company in Lahore. We have faith in placing our finest competencies in every project. We work with professionals and have the best builders in Lahore in order to meet the customer’s vision of construction and planning astonishing spaces together to shape up a building.

Let's Build Your New Home Together

Best Construction Company in Pakistan

Our designing crew have faith that designing is not just an art. It is a leading combination of visualization, approach, and problem resolutions. These features let us set organized development and functionality to end up producing circumstances to meet business requirements and enlightening procedures.

Glorious Builders, the best construction company in Pakistan, got an all-inclusive tactic to the complete procedure of designing. Our enthusiastic squad just not implements what the client speaks, but they also abide by the agenda and modest restrictions of the customer. We have a steadfast team that enhances value to everything we manufacture. Glorious Builders has got you covered in every aspect of architecture and interior designing.

At Glorious Builders, we certify guidelines and protection measures and keep it as their topmost significance. They’re retained steadfastly in place during the course of the project. We are in full acquiescence with building codes and we take every provision to make sure maximum truthfulness in our work.

We struggle for remarkable eminence during all steps of our progression, safeguarding your project is put together to go beyond potentials and make the most of your investment. Uniformity, quality and reliability are what we are all about, and we do so while providing you with the most modest price around.

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    What Our Clients Say About Us!

    “Extremely Professional and reliable construction firm in Lahore. I acquired there services for 10 Marla Residential house in Bahria Town and still completely satisfied with their services."
    Faisal Fazal
    Client of Company
    “Glorious Builders provides professional services from design Construction and Customised Furniture. They build our 12 Marla home in Lake City, we are so happy and recommend them.”
    Ehtisham Shami
    Client of Company
    “They Designed and Build our 1Kanal Home at Bahria Town. I received calls and whats msg on Every 2nd month from Glorious Builders office and they ask if we may need any service after sales.
    Sadaf Farah
    Client of Company
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    Frequently Asked Questions​

    What is Construction Cost in Lahore?

    A 10 Marla area span over 3100 to 3400 sqft, Grey structure cost per square feet is 2,250Rs and complete construction cost you around 4,500Rs per square feet in lahore.

    How Long Does It Take To Build A House in Pakistan?

    Approximately, it takes 5 to 6 months to construct a dream house according to the requirements of clients. The time duration may be influenced by the number of factors that includes the weather conditions and much more. 

    Who Is The Best Home Builder in Pakistan?

    Glorious Builders aims to be one of the best construction companies in Pakistan. We put all our determinations into our client’s work and tributes to be an inordinate service and construction company in Lahore.

    How Much Does It Cost To Build A House in Pakistan?

    It costs around Rs.1350 per square foot, while expensive or imported finishes will cost Rs.1950 per square foot. Glorious Builders never disappoints their clients when it comes to the cost.

    Is It Cheaper To Build Or Buy a House in Pakistan?

    While you’re planning for a new home, a constructed house is far more expensive than building the same house according to your own choice. However, Glorious Builders offers you the market beating rates for both, whether you want to buy or you want to build your own customized dream home.

    How Fast Can You Build A Small House in Pakistan?

    A small house approximately takes 2 to 3 months’ time. Our architects are experienced professionals who understand client’s demands and efficiently meet client’s potentials. 

    Can You Build A House In 3 Months in Pakistan?

    Yes, with the efficient team effort, Glorious Builders being the best construction company in Lahore feels proud to tell you that a house can be built in three months under the construction of our expert skills.

    Innovative Interior and Architecture Designs

    Finding a fine construction company in Lahore is a hectic task. Glorious Builders being one of the leading and recognized construction companies in Pakistan deals in architecture design, interior design, metropolitan design, and landscape design with a comprehensive opportunity of construction and adequate expertise with furniture design and manufacture. We have confidence in the power of architecture to build an optimistic inner-city change.Glorious Builders is formed with a commitment to build up cities as a better place to live. We have faith that architecture and design is important, and that over and done with our work, we can make an optimistic transformation in the world. We endeavor to construct buildings that are not just possessions in themselves, but oblige as facilitators for affirmative urban and community change. We look out for answers that can have an impression away from the plan, that can move the indicator in some way and subsidize culture and values.

    Innovative Interior and Architecture Designs

    The site plays an essential role in the perception design phase since the construction wants to cooperate with its environments – so when it comes to facades it can be made to composite in or to confidently stand out. It is with the vigilant exploitation of on-site possessions, such as present foliage, ventilation and prevailing sunlight to shade, light and cool the structure, that we improve our architectural designs, particularly when planning for the warmer, drier areas in Lahore.While interior design is about building a space sensation like a consistent entire, with the external as well as functionality of the structure, it is also about appealing a sentiment. Glorious builders among the best construction companies in Lahore aim to build wellness spaces that permit the resident to have a sensation to ‘feel good’. Our work is always finished to the utmost standards of superiority. Our constituents are the most élite kind, with world class excellence, and our craftsmen have been competent for years to supply the most exquisite and high-end finishing. You can see our utmost values of ultimate quality in all our architectural workings.

    Innovative Interior and Architecture Designs

    Glorious Builders are a well-known construction company in Lahore in when it comes to dealing with high-end construction projects. We being best among the construction companies in Lahore grow places that benefit people, corporations, and work prospers in the world of know-how. Our effort is constructed on providing value-added solutions in architecture, interior, and much more. From renovating a building to the inner design of a house, luxury apartments or a villa, building or a shopping mall, we do it all. We struggle for flawlessness in everything we do and monitor the viewpoint of building designs that resonate with your opportunities.Acquire your interior designs prepared by the smart, sharp and influential interior and peripheral designers and builders in Lahore. We offer inexpensive and superior architectural facilities where the design speaks for itself. The architects preserve in mind the visualization of the clients and offer extravagant architecture answers.