1 kanal house construction in lahore

1 Kanal House Construction Cost in Lahore

Constructing your dream house in Lahore is certainly not a piece of cake. From laying the foundation to finishing the house construction in Lahore, you have to put your expenditure, energy, time, and a lot of thought into it. The major concern is to ensure that your hard-earned money should be spent rightly otherwise there will be no going back!

To construct a house, you have to take into account various factors and for this purpose, you will seek help i.e. get help from a professional construction company. You will need to analyze different things such as construction materials, and labor, estimate costs, and take decisions accordingly. An estimate of cost will help you to smoothly construct your dream house as per your desires and contemporary trends.

Area Covered in 1 Kanal House in Lahore

How much area is covered may vary with a certain location i.e there can be a difference of marlas in some areas according to the nature of the location. For example, 1 marla covers 225 sq ft in some areas of Pakistan like Lahore while in other areas, it is 272 sq ft like in Lahore. However, in general, 1 Kanal double-story house covers 5,950 sq ft:

  • The area covered in the ground floor will be 3,000 sq ft
  • The first floor of the house will be 2,700 sq ft
  • For mumty, the area will be 250 sq ft

Structure of 1 Kanal House in Lahore

Generally, 1 Kanal house in Lahore consists of 5-6 bedrooms with attached bathrooms, one kitchen and lounge on each floor, and a lawn or garage.

For the construction of a house, it is important to know the cost of all materials, separately. In this way, you can have a clear picture of the estimated budget. For this purpose, you must analyze the cost of the grey structure, finishing, and labor.

Grey Structure Materials and Their Cost

Starting from the scratch

Bricks, sand, and gravel are scratch materials so you must know how much quantity of these materials will be required to build 1 Kanal House in DHA Lahore.

  • 135,000 bricks are used in the construction. For the Construction of 1 Kanal house in DHA Lahore, first-class bricks with a cost of Rs 15 per brick are used so the total cost of bricks will be 2,025,000.
  • Two types of sand can be used in house construction i.e. Chenab sand and Ravi sand. The cost of the former is Rs 105,000 for 2,100 cu ft which is quite expensive than Ravi sand which costs Rs 73,500 for 5,250 cu ft.
  • Approximately, 2,200 cu ft Margalla gravel or shale will be required in the construction of the roof or lintel which will cost you Rs 154,000. However, for floor construction, you may go for a relatively inexpensive option i.e Sargodha gravel. You will require 1,200 cu ft which will cost you Rs 65/ cu ft (Total Rs 78,000).
Laying the foundation

Kassu (a mixture of sand and clay), cement, and steel (iron rods) is used to lay the foundation of the house as well as strengthen it.

  • The total kassu that will be required to build 1 Kanal house in DHA Lahore will cost you around 200,000.
  • Cement, which is a vital component in construction, will cost you 880,000 as you will need 1,600 cu ft which will cost you Rs 550 per bag.
  • You will need 9-ton steel rods and the total cost will be Rs 1,125,000 (Rs125 per kg).
Wiring and plumbing work

For electrical wiring and plumbing work, you have to be careful in choosing a worker. Make sure you are choosing a professional worker to eliminate any chances of mishandling or leakage of pipes.

  • For electrical work, you may have to spend Rs 242,500 to Rs 285,000.
  • The total cost of plumbing work will be Rs 200,000.
Gate and grill

To ensure the safety of the house, choosing a strong gate is necessary. The main gate will cost you Rs 150,000. Besides, the grills and their installation will cost you Rs 175,000. 

Labor cost

The labor cost per sq ft is approximately Rs 450. As the area of 1 Kanal house is 5,950 sq ft so the total cost will be Rs 2,796,500.

Other miscellaneous costs

Termite spray is also necessary to avoid the chances of termite attack and to prevent the base of the house. For this purpose, you will have to spend Rs 55,000. You will also have to spend the budget on the water tank, waterproof bitumen, and membrane sheets which will cost you Rs 25,000, Rs 20,000, and Rs 12,000, respectively.

So, the gross cost of the grey structure will be Rs 8,359,000.

Finishing Materials and Their Cost

Tile or marble works

Hire a professional worker for the installation of tiles and marbles. The total cost for tiles and marbles will be 3,618,000. The cost is divided as:

  • Floor tiles, terrace tiles, and bath tiles will cost you Rs 1,953,00, Rs 157,500, and Rs 630,000, respectively.
  • For the staircase, kitchen shelves, and window dale, the marble cost will be Rs 162,500, Rs 50,000, and Rs 65,000, respectively.
  • The labor cost will be Rs 425,000.
Installation of electrical appliances

The electrical appliances mainly include light bulbs, chandeliers, fans, switchboards, electrical circuit breakers, and power plugs will overall cost you around Rs 714,062 to Rs 894,750.

Ceiling and painting

For painting, the cost would be Rs 950,000 while the cost for ceiling and exterior will be Rs Rs 418,125 and Rs 450,000, respectively.


In rooms, kitchens, and baths, different accessories such as mirrors, steel railings, and windows. The gross cost will be Rs 1,310,000. For woodwork, the cost will be Rs 1,825,000.

So, the total cost of finishing will be Rs 9,465,875.


The total 1 Kanal house construction in Lahore cost will be Rs 17,824,875. Besides, there may be some miscellaneous expenses too that may cost you around Rs 1,170,000 so put this amount aside. The above-mentioned costs will give you an idea of the total budget you will require to build 1 Kanal house of your own.

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