Most Important Structural Components of a Building Construction in Lahore

Important Structural Elements of a Building Construction in Lahore

Most Important Structural Components of a Building Construction in Lahore are the columns-beams-slabs made of concrete and also the walls which are made from bricks and also plaster. The cornerstones in concrete, mortar and also plaster are cement, sand, stone chips, water, steel support etc. As an Architect, I have been taking care of these products for the previous 20 years. And in any website, I always keep an eye out for the high quality of these materials as that can impact the total building substantially.

People constructing houses can never be sure of the quality of the materials that the contractor brings to site. To help you, I shall describe some of the features you need to look out for, that indicate good quality building materials.

Ideal Cement for House Construction in Lahore:

The best cement for house construction is blended cement like PSC and PPC. But please note that good quality blended cements like PSC and PPC will take more time to set. However the final strength after 28 days will be much more.

Features of good quality cement:

  • Reduced water requirement.
  • Improved workability .
  • Less permeable to moisture.
  • Improved resistance to acids and chlorides.
  • Reduced heat of hydration.
  • Easier to finish.
  • Reduced shrinkage.
  • Reduced leaching problems because it is low on free lime.
The colour of cement has no relation to the strength characteristics. There is a wrong impression that darker color cement gives better strength. In fact, darker color cement causes the workers to add more sand than allowed in cement-sand mortar for plastering, which can then cause problems.
It is very important that you use only a reputed brand of cement. Good brands of cement may cost 2 to 5% more but offer quality, consistency and reliability as well as 10 to 20% greater strength characteristics. Cement accounts for a mere 12 to 18% of the total expenditure on your home. So, using cheaper cement gives you little overall savings but a greater risk to the strength of your building.

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