10 Elements that Need of Every Modern Home in DHA Lahore

10 Elements that Need of Every Modern Home in DHA Lahore

A modern home is a simple and not elaborate construction that adapts to its environment and that provides functional solutions to its inhabitants by creating comfortable, practical, and aesthetically pleasing spaces.

Modern architecture seeks to make the most of the virtues of the materials used, highlighting them.

Construction Companies in Valencia Housing Lahore provide the services of construction and always apply modern ideas in their projects.
Now, we will discuss 10 Elements that Need of Every Modern Home in DHA Lahore as follows and designed for the comfort and practicality of the users.

Large Windows

Large windows that allow the entry of natural light creates bright, spacious interior environments connected with nature. Basic and simple geometric shapes enrich the architecture.

 large windows

Straight lines and Simple Architecture

The economy of resources, boldness in volumes and shapes, simplicity, and professionalism in architecture.

straight lines and simple architecture

Mix of Styles

In modernity, anything goes if you know how to combine and adapt to needs. The combination of styles is an acceptable resource to create contemporary and avant-garde designs such as the one proposed in the image of this kitchen where mainly rustic and industrial styles were combined.

mix of styles

Careful Lighting

It is not only owned by modernity, but smart and careful lighting is one of its resources. Illuminate from various angles to create special atmospheres.

 careful lighting

Integrated Environments

Integrated environments are increasingly being used, resulting in larger, brighter, and more contemporary spaces.

 integrated environment

Practically and Functionality

This house was built taking advantage of the layout of an elongated plot. The front of the house has large black metalwork windows. An affordable and practical home.

 Practically and Functionality

Open and Connected Spaces

This image proposes a floor plan that integrates the dining room, the kitchen, and the barbecue area. A proposal that opens onto the forest, enhancing the visuals and appropriating the beautiful exterior atmosphere.

open and connected spaces

Integration with the Outside

A house from the ’60s that was remodeled to adapt to current needs. It is structured in a U with an interior patio where all the windows converge. The multiple openings allow to integrate the interior with the exterior, take advantage of the view and ensure the entry of light and sun.

Noble Materials

This modern house transmits warmth, robustness, and durability thanks to the use of noble materials. Ideal for a family, the front of the upper part was delimited by a dark wood frame that helps to visually separate it from the ground floor. Construction of simple lines and organic materials.

Simple Access

A remodeled house in which the spaces were structured in different cubes distributed in a cascade. Each volume is slightly higher than the previous one so that everyone receives plenty of natural light. This design not only makes better use of the land but also offers simple, easy, and practical access.