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9 Baby Room Ideas for Girls in DHA Lahore 2024

Planning a child’s room for a girl can be an exciting and joyful time – but it can also be overwhelming. Your baby will be staying until they grow up and you decide to redesign it. To welcome the little one, the room should be serene, comfortable, and a fun place.

Designers of Construction Companies Valencia Housing Lahore always remain up to date with the latest designing ideas and try to apply them in their construction projects.

We’ve put together a list of the top 9 baby room ideas for girls to look forward to in DHA Lahore. So, Scroll down for inspiration and excitement. You can do it!

Model Paradise

Sometimes a child’s room just needs flashy wallpaper. This patterned print has shades of blue and pink for a pretty floral combination. In order for the wallpaper to be a real eye-catcher, the furniture and decoration must be kept simple, with little glamor accents. The four-poster bed is dramatic but made from plain wood. The white dresser has glittering gold accents that match the elegant floor lamp. The lilac-colored laundry basket and the woven pouf complete the room with their soft tones.

Modern Fairy Tale

Your little girl’s baby room can be a modern fairy tale. Keep it idyllic with timeless, matching furniture. This padded baby bed gives an already beautiful middle section a majestic flair. Continue the consistent theme by picking up the wall paint in other items, such as posters. B. in this rug in evergreen. Complete it with a few elegant touches like this ornate mirror, flowered lampshade, and ruffle curtains.

Soothing Pastel Tones

This adorable baby nursery uses the most peaceful pastel shades for the room. Sky blue, wallpaper with a forest pattern, and clear white furniture define the space. Pale pink accents like blankets, pillows, and wall art harmonize with the blue hues. Soft elements such as plush toys and a tufted rug create a special atmosphere for your baby.

School House or Country House

This country-style baby room is perfect for your curious child. The classic wooden bed and the chest of drawers with two drawers are stylish and robust. Combine it with a classic rocking chair and a funny magnetic board, and the room is reminiscent of a school building. Let your child play and explore on a soft, flat-woven rug as you leave loving messages (or memories) on the chalkboard.

Geometric Jewel

If you didn’t like the ideas for girls’ nursery shown so far, you can also try the modern style for the baby room. The use of geometric shapes in this children’s room gives the room structure and variety. The central part of the room should contain the most important items of furniture: a cot, chest of drawers, changing table, chair, etc. Connect these pieces by choosing similar colors or types of wood. Now add colorful, geometric accents to make the whole thing more cheerful. Think creatively – even the mobile in this nursery can be geometric!

Get the Stars from the Sky

If you only have a limited amount of space in the nursery, stick to the basics. First, choose your basic components, then add embellishments later. Choose things like a convertible bed and a two-in-one changing table to get the most out of your furniture. Add stylish bedding, a playful rug, and a woven basket to store all of your baby’s toys. Complete the room with a lively wall sticker.

Playful Princess

Immerse yourself in this playful children’s room idea for girls with a fairy tale theme. This lushly upholstered baby bed provides an elegant shade for the rest of the room. The matching candle sconces, the floral wall art, and the magical tea table make the fairy tale a reality. Complete the theme with accessories for a princess like plush toys, a soft lilac-colored blanket, and a nifty shelf with a rod that is perfect for hanging clothes.

Mixed Colors

The colorful mixed style can often be found in children’s room ideas. His funny, young, surprising charisma makes him perfect for building a loving, friendly environment. Thanks to the colorful nature of children’s clothing, bedding, toys, and books, it’s easy to implement this style in children’s rooms too. In the case of a mixed style, it is important to give the room a center in some way. This baby girl nursery got clean, white lines in its furniture and decorations to achieve this. The colorful accessories in the room fit exactly with this colorfully mixed style.

Accent wallpaper

Set a clear accent in your little girl’s nursery – with a bold, eye-catching wall color like this deep berry red. Dark wall color can make a room look smaller, so this design is particularly suitable for large children’s rooms, with lots of space and possibly minimal furniture. This children’s room was decorated in different shades of pink in combination with light, high-contrast turquoise.

Other ways to break up a single color room are with different materials or patterns. The soft shaggy carpet, the transparent lampshade, and the pillow with a geometric floral print create a visual variety. Even the lovable wall tattoo gives the wall depth and still retains an enchanting touch

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