Residential Architecture Design Trends in Lahore

Residential Architecture Design Trends in Lahore 2024

Architecture is the visual representation of buildings and plays a role model in the construction of the buildings. The amazing architecture itself a sign of sustainable development.

The residential architecture design trends have something good because they have the feature of recyclable materials that help clean the climate.

We have discussed some architecture design trends of 2024 that you really love to implement in your home if you are going to buy or construct your home in DHA Lahore.

1.    House Architecture in the Industrial Style

Basically, Industrial style is the mixture of sharp lines and materials like aluminum, iron, or wood.

These days, this design style likewise utilizes reused plastic as a material that reduces building costs. Industrial style means simplicity of building, nonappearance of additional surface components, and is generally utilized for residential buildings.

2.    Smart Homes Technology

In this modern era, smart home technology is the emerging trend that is mostly being used for saving time and it helps to reduce the household task and to control the quality of the living environment by checking the temperature, air quality, light, and security.

Nowadays, the smart building trend is going on and most home builders are moving to the technology. Now, you have to find out a home with an automated system and manage the security of your home.

3.    Multipurpose Open Spaces

In this modern era, house structure eliminates the walls between rooms that make the house-wide and stunning beautiful especially kitchen, dining room. By eliminating the walls, the living room is transformed into one big room where we have more enough space for the whole family and also spend precious time with the whole family.

4.    Eco-style and Green Solutions

From a few years ago, architects are trying to implement the idea by staying in the natural environment. Now in 2024, a real symbiosis of natural solutions actively use and a diligent attitude has formed.

In the architecture of new buildings, eco style and green solutions will implement in the followings steps:

Ø  the utilization of reused and regular materials in decoration and development

Ø  active development of front side greening technologies utilizing residential plants both in the vertical and horizontal position

Ø  transfer of production is more close to the natural environment

5.    White Consistently White

Most people love the bright colors in their home, to make it more beautiful. So, you can apply the different shades of white to look more beautiful and wide.

You can also mix any color with white to look your home more beautiful and bright.

You have also a lot of options to make your home more beautiful by matching the home furniture as well as pillows, curtains, carpets, wall painting, and many more.

6.    Rebuild or Reconstruction the Old Homes

Reconstruction of the building cannot be a revolutionary trend because it has been implementing and developing in the past decades. And yet, the architects pay full attention to reconstruction in 2024. The rebuilding of old and deserted private and mechanical structures permits us to take care of a few incredible urgent issues in the advanced world.

Here, some points are discussed that must keep in mind when you reconstructing the old buildings:

Ø  Keep protect of the cultural value and architectural code of the city

Ø  The rate of overdevelopment of residential areas will decrease

Ø  decrease in the degree of environmental pollution because of the more critical biological proficiency of remaking compared with development from the zero cycle

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