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Popular Flooring Ideas Suitable for New Home Construction DHA Lahore

The floor is not necessarily the first thing that comes to mind when designing your home in DHA Lahore. On the one hand, redesigning the floor covering is usually very time-consuming, on the other hand, because there are often no ideas for the design. But you should not underestimate the effect of the flooring on your entire Home Construction in DHA Lahore! Whether wooden floor, carpet, or tiles: Every floor influences the living atmosphere in its own special way. Are you looking for ideas for your floor?

Which floor goes in the Living Room Designs DHA Lahore? This question may cause some discussion in the family. It should match the furnishings in DHA Lahore, it should be easy to care for and free of pollutants anyway. An all-rounder. But don’t panic. We’ll help you choose the perfect floor covering for your living room – so that after weighing all the advantages and disadvantages, you can decide what you want to stand for in the coming decades.

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General requirements for the floor covering for the living room

  • Sound-insulating:  Lively discussions, your favorite song on the radio, and the use of supposedly small Matchbox cars for more than ten minutes can get louder in the living room.
  • Scratch and impact resistance: You need a hard-wearing floor covering in the living room, especially if you have pets, the children are still young or you have a roommate who moves around the apartment in a wheelchair or with a walker and for whom you are also barrier-free lay the floor as much as possible.
  • Non-slip: We move back and forth in the living room – also with socks. A secure footing is therefore essential.
  • Easy to care for:  A spilled glass of wine should not immediately become a huge problem. Therefore, the floor should be easy to clean and ideally repairable.
  • Free from harmful substances:  This actually applies to the whole house, but you should pay particular attention to it in the living room and bedroom, the rooms for relaxing.
  • Visually appealing  – after all, the eye lives with you.
  • Match the furnishings and the style of living: In order for the overall impression to match, you should consider which floor covering suits your furniture and your living style.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of which covering?

What you put under your feet naturally depends on your taste, your personal requirements, your living situation, and, last but not least, your budget. Nevertheless, objectively speaking, there are advantages and disadvantages to every possible floor covering in the living room. We have put them together for the most common floor coverings. First the more modern variants and finally the classics among the floor covering.s for the living room

Modern designer floors


The material can not only preserve music for decades but is just as durable as a floor covering. Perfect for the extravagant furnishing style. 


  • Vinyl is available in countless colors and patterns.
  • Vinyl can be replaced sheet by sheet or touched up with color-matched filler.
  • The PVC floor is easy to clean.
  • The floor covering is more soundproof than laminate. 
  • Vinyl flooring does not fade.
  • With a floor thickness of just 4.5 millimeters, vinyl can simply be laid on the old floor covering when renovating. For example, you can lay vinyl on tiles.
  • Vinyl feels comfortable underfoot and springs as you walk.


  • Vinyl is an artificial floor covering and can contain harmful substances.
  • Under service class 23, your pet’s claws could get stuck on the floor. 
vinyl flooring in lahore


Linoleum is best known for its durability. However, many people lack the cozy flair of a room with a linoleum floor. 


  • Robust, portable, and, despite its appearance, also environmentally friendly. Because linoleum is still made from limestone, resin, wood flour, and linseed oil.
  • Linoleum is practically indestructible and very easy to care for because it is dirt-repellent and easy to clean.
  • The foot feeling with this floor covering is particularly pleasant due to its elasticity.


  • Linoleum does not have a particularly warm appearance, depending on the color it looks almost frosty. 
  • Linoleum is very inexpensive from the roll by the meter. However, if you want to lay the panels, you have to pay 40 euros per square meter.
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