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Types of Wood (Timber) Used in Pakistan For Home Construction & Furniture

As a home construction material, wood isn’t as famous in Pakistan as other structure materials resemble brick or cement. In huge urban areas and rural areas where the dominant part of structures is made of bricks and concrete, wood has started to acquire ubiquity as a structure material for rooftops and dividers. Despite the fact that wooden ground surface has gotten broadly famous as of late, numerous individuals are uncertain about whether they should utilize wood for dividers and roofs or not.

What we cannot deny is that wood is something beyond a material that is utilized for making furniture and cupboards. It is flexible and has various uses because of which it can fill in as an ideal structuralal material. The following are the sorts of woods that are generally utilized for construction purposes all over Pakistan:

  • Yellow Pine Wood in Lahore
  • Blue Pine Wood in Lahore
  • Rose Wood (Tali) in Lahore
  • Ash Wood in Lahore
  • Mahgani in Lahore
  • Deyaar Wood in Lahore


“Elegance of natural wood is irreplaceable. Customers look into installing Engineered hardwood flooring for its authenticity, timeliness, and durability.”

  • Engineered hardwood floor is a good investment that can enhance the value of your home and provide beauty for a lifetime.
  • Engineered hardwood floor do not need a periodic maintenance and repair like solid wood does.
  • Engineered hardwood floors have been invented to avoid cracking and warping problems which are likely to happen with solid wood.
  • Engineered hardwood are more stable, durable, sustainable and cost-effective than solid wood floors.
  • Engineered hardwood don’t get effected by weather conditions easily.


Multi-layer construction to avoid warping and cracking

Available in exotic species.
Scratch-resistant Aluminium oxide coating
Available in single-strap, wide plank formation.
Micro beveled edges on all four sides of the plank

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