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Popular Flooring Ideas for New Home Construction DHA Lahore

A flooring idea chosen well can uplift and dramatically change the look of your New Home Construction DHA Lahore. Today we are spoilt for choice for our flooring, running between a gamut of styles. And why not! We Pakistani’s are clearly exploring flooring options like never before. While the likes of traditional flooring like marble, granite and mosaic have not lessened, other options are being accepted today with great enthusiasm.

These are 9 of the most popular flooring ideas that are ideal for the homes in DHA Lahore.


Most modern DHA homes use wooden laminate flooring because of easy maintenance that it offers. It further adds warmth to the room layout.  Floating wood or laminated wood tile is extremely simple in installation. Floating Wood Tile is relatively new to household flooring. It is composed of a synthetic material that stimulates a wood appearance which is then laminated. The only drawback to this flooring is that it can be very slippery when wet.

Home Construction DHA Lahore

Stone Inlay Flooring

Stone inlay is a traditional flooring treatment, which finds a place in many of the homes and old Constructions in DHA Lahore Pakistan. It’s perfect for a home with a luxury theme, but can also be used in a living room to glam up the space. The art of marble or terrazzo inlay is essentially a traditional form of art, where the work begins with careful planning of designs. After a design has been chosen, the color scheme is set and the tonality of the design is decided.

This is followed by a careful selection of raw materials (like various semiprecious stones and marble). During this process, special emphasis is laid on choosing various shades of stones to give the right gradation and shading to the motifs.

Home Construction DHA Lahore

Inlay Design Flooring

Stone inlay also works well in more modern home designs to create a stunning artistic element breaking the monotony of the white marble. The inlay flooring can be considered the most exquisite, the most luxury flooring design. And no wonder. Today, inlays can be created from wood, steel, bronze, natural stone, and even cement, to achieve modern compositions. Look at this delicate and modern looking inlay designs ideas in the hallway of a living room!
Home Construction DHA Lahore
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