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Tips And Tricks To Take Care Of Your Water Tank At Home

According to a survey from construction companies in Lahore, most homes and apartment buildings in Pakistan have two water tanks, one built underground and the other built overhead on the roof. Generally, a motorized pump is used to send water from the lower tank to the upper one as and when needed. However, water quality and water supply can both be affected if you do not perform water tank maintenance after a few months.
Let’s discuss some tips and tricks to take care of your water tank below.


If water tanks are properly maintained and installed then they can easily last for decades. To keep your tanks clean and maintained you should inspect the condition of your tank once every three months. Proper water tank inspections can help you detect the need for cleaning or even help you identify potential leakages and repairs before they become a bigger problem.
You can inspect the tank by using a powerful flashlight, observe the walls, and note their color. If there is green or black growth on the walls then this may point towards algae or mold, both of which can be harmful to your health and affect the quality of the water.
Moreover, you must have to check the quality of the water itself. A layer of substances floating on the water tank surface can point toward contamination.


The signs explained above can tell you when you need to empty the tank for cleaning. It is ideal if you clean your water tanks twice a year but it is recommended that you clean your water tanks at least once every year. The process of cleaning a water tank is not much complicated as it seems.

  • Turn off the water supply valve of the water pump.
  • Open up all of the water supply taps and let the water run out to empty the tank. You can also choose the buckets to fill up with this water for cleaning the water tank.
  • When the tank is empty as possible use mops to dry up all the moisture in the tank first.
  • Then start scooping and sweeping out all of the mud and dirt at the bottom of the tank.
  • You will need to get all of the trash thrown out of the water tank from time to time using buckets.
  • Once the bottom of the water tank is clean, now focus on the walls.
  • Use a hard scrubbing brush to clear off algae growth and mold from the walls of the water tanks.
  • Spray a disinfectant on the walls, especially if you have mold growing on the walls.
  • Use water from the buckets to clean off the walls of the water tank as you scrub.
  • Once the entire interior of the water tank has been scrubbed, get out of the tank by using the ladder.
  • You must have to make sure that all of your cleaning supplies have been taken out as well.
  • Lastly, fill up the tank with clean water, and to keep it pure and bacteria-free for longer add a disinfectant to the water.
  • Potassium Permanganate solutions and Gandak are often used for the purification of water storage tanks.


If you wake up one morning and the water level has gone down from what it had been last night without it being used, it may signal a hidden leak in the structure. So, checking the structural integrity of the tank to prevent leaks, cracks, or damage, in the long run, is also very important.

The lid of the water tank also needs to be fitted properly to prevent insects and rodents from entering it. This is especially important for overhead tanks in the monsoon season, which may blow the lid away and contaminate your water storage tank.
The inspection of water pumps and all of the pipework is also very important prone to cracks and leaks in pipes can lead to wastage of stored water, improper water pressure as the water is pumped to the overhead tank, and flooding in the area around the pump.

All of the repair work needs to be performed promptly to any major damage. If you find and repair work then call a plumber and fix it immediately.

Most people choose to clean their water tanks at the beginning of the annual monsoon season. It is also the right time to check your water tanks, pipes, and motors and to perform the necessary repairs.

In conclusion, maintaining water tanks is crucial for ensuring clean and safe water supply in homes and apartment buildings, particularly in regions like Pakistan where two-tank systems are common. Regular inspections, cleaning, and disinfection are essential to prevent contamination and ensure water quality. Inspecting the tank’s condition every three months can help detect issues early on while cleaning and disinfecting at least once a year is recommended. Additionally, performing necessary repairs promptly, such as fixing leaks, cracks, or damaged lids, is vital for the long-term functionality of the water system. By following these tips and tricks for water tank maintenance, individuals can ensure a reliable and healthy water supply for their households.

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