Best Commercial Startup for Construction Companies in Lahore

Best Commercial Startup for Construction Companies in Lahore

Glorious Builders, a construction company in Lahore, implements a construction startup, which aims to create an innovative product or idea that’s never been seen before in the industry. This is how it works by identifying a common pain point, then creating a new product or service to address it, and finally, optimizing it for your audience.

Mostly to get construction startups started require funding, therefore most business owners search for partners to back their projects.

Construction Tech

After agriculture, the construction industry is the second least digitized industry. Construction tech startups are developing new technologies faster than ever before to help bridge the gap. Glorious Builders, the best construction company in Lahore, uses these Construction Tech to build building which are environment friendly.

1. Built Robotics

Glorious Builders, a construction company in Lahore, knows that the Built Robotics entered the market in 2016 to create fully autonomous construction vehicles controlled by AI. Existing construction equipment like dozers, excavators and compactors into autonomous robots are converted by the company’s AI Guidance System, and their safety system is equipped with sensors and a geofence to protect people and other vehicles from harm.

The company secured $33 million in funding in 2019, and its main investors include Next47.

2. Branch

Branch Technology innovated Cellular Fabrication which is a patented process for large-scale 3D printing and its freeform polymer matrix is used to create building structures and facades. It has a much lower environmental impact than traditional building materials.

Branch Technology had its main investors like EquipmentShare and Brick & Mortar Ventures during their last round of funding. Thus, they secured $11 million to help grow their fleet of construction 3D printers.

3. Toggle

Toggle company that uses robotics and automation to fabricate. They assemble rebar for reinforced concrete. Their innovative technology reduces cost and increases productivity to streamline the manufacturing process. Their primary focus is sustainable urban development.

Toggle announced earlier this year that they raised $8 million in a funding and its main investors were Tribeca Venture Partners, Point72 Ventures and New York state, among others.

4. Mighty Buildings

Mighty Buildings a company uses robotics, 3-D printing and automation to create sustainable structures for the residential construction market. Their houses and modular homes are made with 3D-printed non-silicate Light Stone Material and steel. Thus, making them more durable and sustainable than traditional houses.

After drawing interest from investors like Evolution VC and Alumni Ventures Group, Mighty Buildings secured $26 million in funding in 2019.


Glorious Builders, the construction company, uses the safest way in construction, because our team believes that sustainability should be implemented to avoid pollution.Most of the pollution is caused by the construction sector and makes up roughly 39% of the world’s energy-related CO2 emissions. There have been many advancements in recent years to make the construction industry more sustainable, and construction startups are leading the way by reducing substantial waste, leading the transition to renewable energy sources and creating eco-friendly building materials.

5. AMPD Energy

AMPD Energy’s main aim is to eliminate carbon emissions and with the help of their Ampd Entertainer to drive the transition to renewable energy on construction sites. This whole energy storage system is fully electric. This can result in empowering entire construction sites without the need for diesel fuel. The diesel generator is quite noisy thus creating noise pollution, therefore the electric entertainer which is used is almost 32 times quieter than a diesel generator, making it perfect for reducing noise pollution.

AMPD Energy raised $3.7 million in funding between the years 2014 and 2017, and the company is currently working on expanding operations outside of Hong Kong and Singapore.


6. Carbon Clean

Carbon Clean deals with the cost-effective CO2 capture technology that can be implemented at a variety of job sites. Its size is smaller, thus reducing site disruption during and after installation and their modular system is easier to install than traditional carbon capture systems.

Carbon Clean was developed in 2009 and is continuing to innovate and expand operations around the globe.

7. Converge

Converge created remote technologies such as AI and cloud-based, powered by wireless sensors to make the construction process more efficient and sustainable. They developed ConcreteDNA platform to provide real-time strength data and predictions and helps users design more efficient and eco-friendly concrete mixes.

Converge received funding in 2019 and has a main investor from Innovative UK to develop its software and now has many investors Cambridge Angels, ef. and Martlet.

8. Kenoteq

Kenoteq is a Scottish startup to maintains sustainability and its main aim is to turn construction waste into eco-friendly bricks. Their product is much better than clay bricks because their product, called the K-Briq, comes in multiple colors and offers better insulation properties as compared to clay bricks. K-Briq is much more reliable to use than clay bricks because K-Briq manufacturing doesn’t require fossil-fuel-burning kilns, it produces just one-tenth of the carbon emissions of a regular brick.

Keynote has received over $1.7 million in funding from its two lead investors, Scottish Enterprise and Zero Waste Scotland.

9. Basilisk Concrete

Basilisk Concrete developed a line of self-healing concrete and mortar in the year 2015. Their products are manufactured in such a way that they include a self-healing concrete mixing agent and a repair liquid and mortar for existing concrete. These products are made with limestone-producing microorganisms. These limestone-producing microorganisms convert nutrients into limestone when exposed to oxygen. Due to this self-healing solution property, it helps extend the life of concrete, thus reducing the overall amount of concrete waste produced and making the material more sustainable.

Basilisk Concrete’s main lead investor is SHIFT Invest, a platform that invests in startups with sustainable business models.

Glorious Builders and Construction Startups

These Construction startups have provided us with construction tech, sustainability, safety and productivity, supply chain, and designing and planning. Glorious Builders, the construction company in Lahore, believes that by implementing such startups the construction field will become more eco-friendly and maintain the structure of the building for a long time. So why not Contact Glorious Builders then.

Glorious Builders

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