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Front Elevations of Modern Luxury Homes

To enhance your enjoyment of your modern luxury home, it is important that you and your custom home Architects in Lahore give some serious thought to how to design the front of your house. The front elevation of a home plan, also known as entry elevation, shows features such as entry doors, windows, the front porch, and any items that protrude from the home, such as side porches or chimneys. Contemporary or modern house Designs promote flexible living space and provision of natural light.

The exteriors are a mixture of stone cladding, brick, and wood. In this type of House Exterior, we are focusing on simple, large windows, flat gabled roof with an asymmetrical shape which looked like a modern look luxurious house.

Large Windows

Windows are a crucial part of your home’s exterior appearance. They are the natural focal point in any room. The architects in Lahore suggests that the specific placement of these glass openings can change the way you interact with each room and the building as a whole. Matching your window positioning and type to the architectural style of the building can help to deliver a sense of balance and consistency to your home. It is important to consider the designs and layout of your window when you are designing your house. As openings to the outside world, the eye is naturally drawn to the view on display, so it is worth considering what it is you want to see.

A good layout will work around views you would prefer not to be in direct eyeliner such as neighboring houses etc. However, you can still take advantage if there is no view by using natural and fresh air that your windows will.

Exterior Material

There are countless options and variations when it comes to materials for the exterior. You have a broad selection of material types, colors, and textures, and several factors to consider when choosing materials, from the architectural style of your home and neighborhood to the impact that material may have on the insurance rates. The architectural style of your home will narrow down your options for exterior materials based on what is authentic and appropriate to that particular style. The architects in Lahore recommends stucco, an exterior material, that will provide a distinct appearance to your home. It is durable when properly maintained a last for a longer period of time. Wood Siding also gives natural appearance and curb appeal to your house and lasts for more than 50 years. Solid bricks impart a very traditional look to a home and have a timeless appearance with low maintenance costs. Another exterior material that adds significant dimension and texture is the incorporating of stones in your home. It gives a cleaner and more modern aesthetic look to your modern luxury home.

For example, if you are building your home on the Spanish Mediterranean architectural style then your exterior will comprise of stucco and a little stone and avoid bricks or siding as they do not fit with this style of homes.

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