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What Is Included In Gray Structure and What Is Not?

All what looks gray when completed is called gray structure. Following items come in gray structure but need to get agreed before singing a contract.

  1. Foundation
  2. Walls
  3. Roof
  4. Cement Plaster to walls
  5. Underground water tank
  6. Roof water Tank
  7. Septic tank also
Following items (in general) are NOT included in GRAY STRUCTURE:
  • Boundary wall is generally priced separately.
  • None of the services like electricity, sewage water, woodwork and painting are included in gray structure works.
  • Flooring marble tiles Aluminum steelworks and face work are NOT get counted on it and called Finishing works.

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Grey Structure



In the realm of construction, “grey structure” plays a pivotal role in shaping the foundation of buildings. This term refers to the basic structural elements of a construction project before the installation of finishes. Understanding grey structure is crucial for anyone involved in the construction industry, as it sets the groundwork for the entire building process.


Grey Structure vs. Gray Structure


Before we embark on our exploration, let’s address the subtle linguistic difference. In the construction jargon, “grey structure” and “gray structure” are often used interchangeably, but the former is more commonly employed in various regions, including Lahore, Pakistan. The construction industry adheres to specific terms and standards, and these nuances are vital for effective communication within the sector.


Grey Structure Companies in Lahore


Lahore, with its vibrant construction landscape, boasts numerous companies specializing in grey structure construction. From foundational work to structural integrity, these companies contribute significantly to the city’s skyline. Notable firms include Glorious Builders, Builders emporium, and Mohsin Shaheen, all recognized for their expertise in executing grey structure projects with precision.


Grey Structure Company in DHA


The Defence Housing Authority (DHA) in Lahore is a hub for upscale construction projects. Among the esteemed construction companies operating in this region, Glorious Builders stands out for its exemplary work in grey structure construction. With a track record of delivering high-quality projects, they have become synonymous with reliability and excellence in DHA.

Grey Structure Company in Pakistan


Zooming out to a national perspective, the construction industry in Pakistan witnesses the participation of several prominent companies specializing in grey structure construction. Companies like Glorious Builders and Builders emporium have established themselves as key players, contributing significantly to the infrastructure development across the country.

Grey Structure Cost and Rate


Understanding the cost dynamics of grey structure construction is crucial for effective project planning. Various factors, including material costs, labor, and project size, influence the overall cost. As of 2024, the average rate for grey structure construction in Lahore is 2100 to 3200 rate per square foot, providing a baseline for those considering such projects.

Grey Structure House


A grey structure house refers to a building at the stage where the structure is complete, including the skeleton, walls, and roof. Opting for a grey structure house allows for greater flexibility in interior design choices, as finishing elements can be customized later. This construction approach provides a cost-effective and efficient way to build a robust foundation for a home.


10 Marla House Construction Cost 

For readers interested in understanding more about construction costs, particularly for a 10 Marla house, check out our detailed guide on 10 Marla House Construction Cost Calculation for 2023 in Pakistan. This resource offers valuable insights into the intricacies of budgeting for your construction project.


In conclusion, grey structure construction serves as the backbone of any building project. Whether you’re in Lahore, DHA, or any part of Pakistan, understanding the nuances of grey structure is essential. From cost considerations to choosing the right company, this article aims to provide a comprehensive overview for those navigating the intricate world of construction.


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