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From designing to finishing, when is the best time to call an interior designer? Your new home is under construction, you have the property, the construction workers working on it, the floor plans, and wall advancements are being designed. Therefore, So many details are to be done and selections are to be made. What time is it appropriate to call an interior designer?

There are many benefits of getting an interior designer as soon as your house is finished finishing the construction. An Interior designer will help you a lot with final touches that are to be made on time, and if an interior designer is provided by the construction company itself, then what could be better than that. You will then get results within budget and on time. Glorious Builders, a construction company in Lahore, provides the best interior designers in Lahore, thus making things easier for you.

Full Design Architecture

A designer looks at things in a bit different way, it makes sure that the house is designed in such a way that can cope with all the four seasons that occur in Pakistan.  Firstly the designer looks at details with a slightly different set of eyes than the architect or builder.  The designer not only sees the room shapes or their sizes, and floor plan but also sees the furniture layout for each room, lighting to accommodate furniture, and locating electrical outlets,

Window treatments, and function, how they relate to the ceiling height, and the trim details. The designer sees details and functions of each corner of the house, even details of where the waste bin should be placed or where pet food bowls get placed, and where your bakeware gets stored that is located near your Kitchenaid mixer. View everything with details so that your house can cope with any seasonal changes in the future.

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Likewise, Spring is on its way, therefore the designer would assure that interior walls be moved and modified to accommodate the needs of the client’s family. Similarly, clients have an art collection that they want to be displayed in the home. In that case, the designer would suggest a foyer wall built just the right size, a large piece in their collection that needs a long wall, and a good space to be a focal point.

A designer is responsible for furniture layouts and area rug sizes to make sure the sizes fit the space well and to locate electrical floor outlets.  This is important in case to have in a room where the furniture is placed in the center of the room, or off the walls. For a good house with a good interior, you always don’t want to have lamp cords running from end tables to perimeter walls.

The Bells And Whistles

A designer aims to make your living space an interesting living place for you. As these 2 years of a pandemic have been tough for people in Pakistan, most of the clients at Glorious Builders, a construction company in Lahore, want their homes to be an interesting places by adding some details to every corner of the house. For a designer, selecting all surfaces such as flooring, cabinets and color, paint, and countertops, can pull together the desired style and aesthetic you want for your home. The designer then assures the selections are made for furniture styles and fabrics to build on the design vision of the home.

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Our designer suggests samples according to the space, like samples of selected stone tile, wall paint color, cabinet color, and countertop to see the color palette in the actual space. Thus making the natural light visible, textures, and contrasts to make sure that our client is happy with the feel and look. The Interior designer at Glorious Builders, assures its client’s approval before any implementation. Because for us, what matters is our client’s satisfaction.

For a client, fabric samples and carpet for the master bedroom, which had custom bedding are made according to what the client wants, making sure clients are happy with the colors and look. Fabric samples for the respective room are then reviewed in the space with natural light for final approval, making sure that samples make natural light visible. The furniture is then ordered 8-12 weeks ahead of the completion of the home, to make your house fully furnished as soon as Glorious Builders is done with construction.

The Second Pair of Eyes

Glorious Builders, the best construction company, hires experienced interior designers because we understand that a skilled designer has experience with seeing details and site measuring and can see the big picture and be your advocate on site. The designer suggests a paint color that would actually reflect the natural light on the walls. It’s quite obvious that it’s hard to choose a paint color from the paint store because it’s very much different than seeing the color in the actual space.

Timeline and Budget

It’s a positive point to get an interior designer hired from the same construction company, and Glorious Builders, the best construction company, assures making things easier for its clients.  Due to this, an interior designer will always be available throughout from the beginning of the construction till the completion, thus making the project stay on time and within budget.

When a timeline and budget are planned we will get results in a flow. Therefore, a clear budget and costs upfront allows the project to flow smoothly from one phase to the next.  But when changes are made or product backorder or changes on site might lead to delays in construction and budget breaker.  Hence, costing you, the homeowner, more money and an extended move-in date.

Designed and Delivered

The final step, Construction is completed! The results are delivered, a final Clean is done and the designers have an install day.  To this day, designers plan for months even sometimes a year or two in advance. For a designer the best surprise is to reveal the results to the clients, therefore most clients are asked to stay busy on these days to install all upgrades and furniture. Finally, the results are delivered, due to planning and paying attention to details ahead of time.

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The Glorious Builders, being the best construction company in Lahore, is known for its remarkable construction services all around Lahore. We assure you that the interior designer we hire for your project fulfills all your requirements and delivers projects on time. So, why think further, go ahead and contact Glorious Builders by ringing them on +92 323 9999 450 or visiting their physical location, for Happy Building Happy you.

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