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How to Check Quality of Cement | Updated

Cement is the most used material in any construction. It acts as a binder that binds aggregate and sand together in concrete. Well, there are so many theories explaining how to check the quality of cement in the lab but most of them require huge apparatus to check the quality of cement. Best Construction Companies in Lahore always use the best cement for your home construction, we at Glorious Builders always use standard cement for your grey structure.

It is not easy to check all properties of cement on the site but there exist some preliminary field tests which can give us a rough idea about the quality of cement.

Below mentioned tests are simple tests that you can perform easily on-site to find out the quality of cement with no apparatus. These preliminary tests include checking the properties of cement which affect the Cement’s strength and quality.


Several studies stated that the Strength of cement reduces as time goes on. As per IS Specifications, cement should be re-tested if it is stored for more than three months in the mill.

The below table gives details about the percentage of strength loss for different time intervals.

Age of cement Percentage of Cement Strength reduction
3 months 20%-30%
6 months 30%-40%
12 months 40%-50%

From the above table, it is clear that the strength of cement loses its strength over some time.


The colour of cement should be uniform. An ideal colour of cement is grey with a light greenish shade. Cement colour indicates excess clay or lime.

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Lumps are formed due to the presence of moisture in cement. Cement undergoes a chemical reaction when it is reacted with the atmospheric moisture this process is termed as hydration. Moisture is a big enemy for cement. Cement becomes useless once it is hydrated with water (liquid form or vapour form)

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Take a pinch of cement rub within your fingers, it should feel smooth while rubbing. If it is rough, it indicates that cement is mixed with sand.


Take a handful of cement and throw it in water, a good quality of Cement should sink and should not float on water.


Insert your hand into the cement bag. It must give you a cool feeling. It implies that the no hydration reaction taken place in cement bag,


Cement is also named as Hydraulic Cement as it also sets under water.
Take a 100g of cement and make a stiff paste by adding some water. Then prepare a cement cake with sharp edges and place it on a glass plate. Immerse this plate in the water bucket. Observe that the shape shouldn’t get disturbed while settling. A good cement should be able to set and attain strength in water.


Make A block of cement 25 mm x 25 mm and 200 mm long. Immerse the block in water for 7 days. Place the immersed block on supports 15000 mm apart and then load with a weight of 340 N. The block which is made of good cement should not show any sign of failure.


Finding the specific gravity of cement is of utmost importance if cement is stored for more than three months. A good cement should have a Specific gravity (Sg) in between 3.1-3.6g/cc.

In conclusion, cement plays a pivotal role in any construction project, serving as the fundamental binding agent in concrete. Ensuring the quality of cement is essential to guarantee the structural integrity and longevity of the building. While laboratory tests provide comprehensive insights into cement quality, conducting preliminary field tests on-site can offer valuable indicators of its properties. Construction companies in Lahore, such as Glorious Builders, prioritize the use of high-quality cement for their projects to uphold standards of excellence and durability. By employing simple tests like checking the date of packing, observing the colour, and performing hand insertion or shape tests, builders can assess the quality of cement without the need for sophisticated apparatus. These tests, coupled with adherence to specific gravity measurements and strength evaluations, contribute to the meticulous quality control process employed by reputable construction firms in Lahore. Ultimately, by employing rigorous quality checks and utilizing premium materials, construction companies ensure the delivery of structurally sound and enduring buildings that stand the test of time.

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