10 Marla House Construction In Lahore

Average Price For 10 Marla House Construction In Lahore

Building a home with the help of a construction company is a considerable challenge that necessitates thorough consideration. This includes choosing an appropriate construction company, building materials, and handling your money carefully. 10 Marla house construction in Lahore is in high demand in Lahore due to its affordability and suitability for families.

However, choosing to either construct one from a construction company near me or purchase one requires a lot of careful consideration. Both options have advantages and disadvantages, but building a house from an affordable construction company is the ultimate best choice if you have a limited amount of money and want to customize it to your specifications by a construction company. Many construction companies in Lahore will help you build the house with careful planning and budgeting.

Overview Of The Cost Of Building A 10 Marla House In Lahore

Are you planning to build a five-Marla home in Pakistan with the best trend in interior design and are searching for the best construction company near me but have no idea how much it will cost to build a house with the best construction company in Lahore?

You don’t need to worry because this blog covers you with the best builders in Lahore. After all, searching for the best construction company near me is more burdensome. So we will go over the projected costs for building 10 Marla houses with the best construction company in Lahore and other grey constructions in 2022. So let’s get going!

Construction companies in Lahore will help build a typical 10-marla property with a TV lounge, three bedrooms with attached bathrooms, and two kitchens.

Estimated Cost For Bricks, Sand, Crush, And Rori


Class A bricks are used in building a house by construction company Lahore and cost PKR 14.5 per square foot. For creating the grey structure by builders in Lahore, you will need about 100,000 bricks, which would cost PKR 1,450,000.


Crush, which is employed in the foundation of the ceiling and flooring of the home, is another crucial component used by the construction company. At a rate of PKR 60, you should have interdependent elements 3500 cubic feet of crush. This will raise the total cost of construction.


The builders in Lahore use sand to give other building materials strength and general stability. Construction companies in Lahore contact numerous sand suppliers for the best quality cement and sand. Three thousand one hundred fifty cubic feet of sand, at the rate of PKR 105, will be required. This will raise the price of building a 5-marla house in Lahore by PKR 330,750.

Additionally, you will need 900 sq. for PKR 60 per foot of Chenab sand for plaster. This will raise the price by PKR 54,000.


Finally, a construction company in Lahore will require gravel to construct your home’s floor. The grey structure will require 600 feet of Sargodha Bajri for PKR 65 per foot, bringing the total cost to PKR 39,000. You’ll also need Rori, which runs about PKR 25,000, in addition to that.

Rebar, Cement, And Sarya

At PKR 1085 per c, you will require roughly 525 bags of regular portland cement. Additionally, you will need Kassu, a sand and clay compound. It is frequently employed to fill the open aperture. To build a 5-marla house by a construction company in Lahore, Kassu will need PKR 50,000 in funding.

In addition, 3 tons of Rebar for PKR 114,000 per ton is required. This will raise the price of construction by a construction company in Lahore by about PKR 342,000.

Plumbing And Wiring

Construction Company in Lahore uses plumbing and wiring as crucial components of the grey structure’s building phase. Construction companies in Lahore install sewage, drainage, gas, and water supply systems are all parts of the plumbing process. This will cost you PKR 115,000, including labour and material prices.

The wiring process is an additional crucial step. PKR 50,000, including labor and material expenditures, will be required.

Grills, A Gate, And Choughat Steel

Steelwork is a component of the building expenditures for a 5-marla home by a construction company in Pakistan. Door frames are often made of 16 gauge Chougat steel, which costs about PKR 60,000.

Additionally, you will require safety grills for your window and front gate. A 16 or 18-gauge steel gate should cost about PKR 70,000, and 16-gauge grills should cost another PKR 66,000.


Construction Company in Lahore will determine the cost of labor. The cost of labor varies for different construction company in Pakistan. For a double-unit 5-marla house building by a construction company in Pakistan, laborers typically charge about PKR 350 per square foot, bringing the total to about PKR 770,250 for the overall cost of building. The cost of labor for installing tiles, woodwork, or plumbing is not included in this total.

Finishing Charges

The cost to finish a home by the best construction company in Lahore is highly individualized and is determined by the various types and variants of completing building elements. Construction Company Lahore will use tiles, marbles, woodwork, kitchen and bathroom accessories, and other electronic components for the finishing aspects.


You can check out the best construction company in Lahore and other real estate projects in Lahore for profitable investment opportunities where you can construct a 5-marla house.

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