Common Construction Errors

5 most Frequent Errors in the Execution of Construction


Safety at Construction Sites

How not, damn security.

Yes, I did not want to leave without evoking this “problem in the work.” It has been 12 years, with problems in the works, and I can assure you that it has improved a lot in that field, although we continue to suffer in meats that there are still many deficiencies.

I still remember that in my first works the staff was running around the helmet when I heard “Be careful, the security is coming!” Although it seems silly, that aspect is more than overcome (or so I think), and today we see how the staff wears a helmet in a normal way.

lack of support on the floor

Lack of support of 2/3 of the brick on the edge of the floor

You are right! It was very common to see how the façade enclosures relied on most 1/3 of their thickness, that is, nothing and less! Then of course, some facades tended to create “bellies” and that they did not eat.

execution of structural

Absence of reinforcement separators

One of the most frequent errors in the execution of structural elements was the absence of separators.

It was not uncommon to find brick chunks, or in the best case stones, to fit beams. Moreover, in a reticular floor, more than one forger told me that there was no lack of spacers because “the concrete lifts the error.”

There was a case that caught my attention, a builder used PVC pipe cutouts as a separator.

construction load-bearing walls

Absence of semi-beam support in beams

I don’t know why, but there were situations in which the prefabricated joists were not able to support the necessary in load-bearing walls, for example (and were not conceived in the project as indirect supports).

Another problem used to be the absence of solidification on the joist heads, since the vaults attached to the beams’ armor were placed.

The solution: it was time to touch up the floor during assembly.

Drills in concrete beams

Drills in concrete beams

Many were surprised on social networks when they showed the photos of a flat beam perforated on all sides to put the downspouts, and even more serious, they became close to the beam-pillar knot. In most cases they were not reinforced (if that is total then covered by a mocheta).

shrinkage-contraction of the material

Fissures- cracks

These damages are very frequent, and give customers a lot of fun.

The bad thing about this is that finding the cause is very difficult. There are many cases due to shrinkage-contraction of the material itself. Others because some pieces have not been well entangled with others. Then we have the famous foundation settlements. But in general they are the result of a bad constructive solution (project-execution).

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