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10 Most Commonly Used Building Materials in Lahore

There are many different types of building materials used in the construction industry including Concrete, Steel, Wood, and Masonry. Every single material is varied with diverse properties like weight, strength, durability, and cost making it suitable for certain types of applications.

The choice of Building Materials in Lahore is based on cost and effectiveness in resisting the loads and stresses acting on the structure. Architects and builders work closely with their clients and decide on the type of Construction and Building Materials to be used in each project.

Now, the construction industry in Pakistan fits in a variety of locally sourced materials. This highly depends on the kind of construction, which range from ‘Kaccha’ mud houses to modern town infrastructures that use prime building materials. The pressing problem with the industry is, however, the way the source materials are obtained. Sand mining, open fly ash factories, and disregard for sustainability standards have had a huge impact on the environment across the past decades. While the civil engineering and construction industry has boomed over the past decade, the country faces strong challenges from the exhaustive and highly polluting nature of building materials. Problems like illegal sand mining have been affecting the river systems. Densely clustered city planning has been leading to climatic disasters like the one our nation’s capital city has been fighting for over a decade now.


The new-age infrastructure weights a blend of innovative construction styles along with the use of vigorous technology and high-end and durable construction and building material to bring in the desired shelf life and sustainability. With upsurging numbers of skyscrapers and huge infrastructure projects being planned, the need for them to be made up of the most appropriate materials has risen.

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