National bus terminal to be set up in Sector I-11 Islamabad

National bus terminal to be set up in Sector I-11 Islamabad

The civic agency in Islamabad has given the green light for the development of a National Bus Terminal in Sector I-11. This ambitious project aims to address the issue of illegally operated bus stands while providing a modern and regulated public transport system for the city. Spanning an area of 32 acres, with dedicated space for commercial activities, the terminal will offer over a hundred bus bays and essential services.


The Need for a National Bus Terminal: To combat the prevalence of unauthorized bus stands scattered across the city, Islamabad has initiated the construction of a National Bus Terminal in Sector I-11. The terminal will serve as a central hub for organized and regulated bus operations, ensuring safer and more convenient travel experiences for residents and visitors alike.

A Step Towards Enhanced Public Transport: The current public transport system in Islamabad largely relies on privately operated wagons and minibuses, functioning in an unregulated environment. This project seeks to introduce a quality bus service, particularly beneficial for female passengers who often encounter difficulties while traveling on these modes of transportation. The Islamabad Bus Service (IBS) project will introduce air-conditioned city buses, designed to cater to the needs of all, including the elderly and individuals with disabilities.

The development of a National Bus Terminal in Islamabad, marks a significant milestone in Pakistan’s transportation infrastructure. This ambitious project aims to establish a state-of-the-art facility that will serve as a central hub for the country’s bus transportation network. Located strategically in the capital city, the terminal will cater to a large number of travelers, offering convenient access to various cities and regions across Pakistan. The terminal is expected to house modern amenities, including advanced ticketing systems, waiting lounges, dining options, and restrooms, ensuring a comfortable and efficient travel experience for passengers. Furthermore, the establishment of the National Bus Terminal is expected to boost inter-city connectivity, promote tourism, and facilitate economic growth by streamlining the movement of people and goods. With the government’s commitment to enhancing the country’s transportation infrastructure, this project is poised to play a vital role in transforming the nation’s travel landscape.

Expansion Plans and Improving Traffic Conditions: In addition to the National Bus Terminal in Sector I-11, authorities have planned the construction of four more bus terminals on the outskirts of Islamabad. Furthermore, exploring the option of engaging private transporters to launch express services within the city is underway. These initiatives aim to alleviate traffic congestion and remove unauthorized bus stands, which have been a persistent cause of traffic problems.

Addressing the Challenges: With approximately 700,000 daily trips originating and terminating within Islamabad, and an additional 500,000 trips to and from adjoining urban areas, a well-functioning and reliable public transport system is essential. Currently, local transporters contribute around 35 percent of the overall traffic volume. However, due to the subpar level of service and widespread customer dissatisfaction, their mode share is declining. The introduction of the National Bus Terminal and other related facilities will help improve the quality of service and address the concerns of commuters.

Conclusion: The approval for the construction of a National Bus Terminal in Sector I-11 marks a significant step toward improving public transportation in Islamabad. This project aims to provide residents and visitors with a reliable, regulated, and comfortable bus service while removing illegal bus stands that have been causing traffic issues. By investing in modern infrastructure and enhancing the overall transport system, Islamabad is working towards a more efficient and passenger-friendly city.


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