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Building Your Dream House in Lahore: 1 Kanal House Construction Cost in Lahore

Challenges and Considerations for House Construction

Constructing your dream house in Lahore is an exciting endeavor that requires meticulous planning, attention to detail, and a significant investment of time and resources. From laying the foundation to finishing the construction, every step demands thoughtful consideration to ensure your hard-earned money is spent wisely. To embark on this journey, you’ll need to analyze various factors and seek professional help from a reputable construction and grey structure company. Understanding the costs and materials involved will allow you to create a comprehensive budget and make informed decisions aligned with your desires and contemporary trends.

Building your dream house in Lahore can be an exciting and rewarding endeavor. One of the most popular options for aspiring homeowners is constructing a 1 Kanal house, which provides ample space and luxurious living. Lahore, known for its rich culture and vibrant lifestyle, offers a diverse range of architectural styles and designs to choose from. Whether you prefer a modern, contemporary look or a more traditional aesthetic, there are numerous construction companies and architects in Lahore that can cater to your specific preferences to construct and offer 1 Kanal House Construction Cost in Lahore.

Area Covered in 1 Kanal House Construction in Lahore

1 Kanal House Construction Cost in Lahore

The area covered in a 1 Kanal house may vary slightly depending on the location, with differences in marla measurements. Generally, a 1 Kanal double-story house in Lahore covers approximately 5,950 square feet, making it a spacious and luxurious option for homeowners. This generous area provides ample room for accommodating 5-6 bedrooms with attached bathrooms, a kitchen, a lounge on each floor, and even a lawn or garage to complete the layout. This vast space allows homeowners to customize and design their dream house according to their specific preferences and lifestyle requirements.

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    Key Points:

    • The area covered in the ground floor will be 3,000 sq ft
    • The first floor of the house will be 2,700 sq ft
    • For mumty, the area will be 250 sq ft

    Structure of 1 Kanal House Construction in Lahore

    1 Kanal grey structure construction cost

    A standard 1 Kanal house in Lahore is designed to provide comfort, convenience, and aesthetic appeal. The well-planned structure usually consists of a spacious ground floor and an equally expansive first floor, providing abundant space for living and entertaining. With 5-6 well-appointed bedrooms, each with attached bathrooms, the house caters to the needs of a large family or offers ample room for guests. The presence of a kitchen and lounge on each floor ensures convenience and functionality. Additionally, homeowners can enjoy the luxury of a lawn or a garage, enhancing the overall living experience.

    Grey Structure: Laying the Foundation

    grey structure cost of 1 kanal house

    The grey structure forms the backbone of any house construction project, ensuring stability, durability, and strength. To begin construction, you need to calculate the cost of various materials used in the grey structure, such as bricks, sand, gravel, kassu, cement, and steel rods. The selection of quality materials is essential to ensuring the longevity and safety of the house. While first-class bricks provide excellent construction integrity, the choice of sand and gravel influences the stability of the structure. Robust Kassu, high-grade cement, and sturdy steel rods reinforce the foundation, offering peace of mind to homeowners.

    Key Points:

    • 135,000 bricks are used in the construction. For the Construction and grey Structure cost of 1 Kanal house in DHA Lahore, first-class bricks with a cost of Rs 15 per brick are used so the total cost of bricks will be 2,025,000.
    • Two types of sand can be used in house construction i.e. Chenab sand and Ravi sand. The cost of the former is Rs 105,000 for 2,100 cu ft which is quite expensive than Ravi sand which costs Rs 73,500 for 5,250 cu ft.
    • Approximately, 2,200 cu ft Margalla gravel or shale will be required in the construction of the roof or lintel which will cost you Rs 154,000. However, for floor construction, you may go for a relatively inexpensive option i.e Sargodha gravel. You will require 1,200 cu ft which will cost you Rs 65/ cu ft (Total Rs 78,000).
    • The total kassu that will be required to build 1 Kanal house in DHA Lahore will cost you around 200,000.
    • Cement, which is a vital component in construction, will cost you 880,000 as you will need 1,600 cu ft which will cost you Rs 550 per bag.
    • You will need 9-ton steel rods and the total cost will be Rs 1,125,000 (Rs125 per kg).

    Wiring and Plumbing Work: Ensuring Safety and Convenience

    Well-designed and efficiently executed electrical wiring and plumbing work are essential for ensuring safety, functionality, and comfort in the house. A careful selection of skilled workers and high-quality materials is crucial to avoiding mishaps, leakages, and electrical hazards. From installing light bulbs, chandeliers, fans, and switchboards to setting up electrical circuit breakers and power plugs, every aspect of electrical work should be carried out with precision. Similarly, plumbing work should be meticulously done to prevent water leakages and ensure the smooth functioning of water supply and drainage systems.

    Key Points:

    • For electrical work, you may have to spend Rs 242,500 to Rs 285,000.
    • The total cost of plumbing work will be Rs 200,000.

    Gate and Grill: Enhancing Security and Aesthetics

    A strong and aesthetically pleasing gate adds an element of grandeur to the house while providing essential security. The main gate serves as the first impression of the property and should be designed to complement the architectural style of the house. The main gate will cost you Rs 150,000. Besides, the grills and their installation will cost you Rs 175,000.  Additionally, thoughtfully designed grills not only provide protection but also enhance the overall aesthetics of the property. Homeowners can choose from a variety of designs and materials to achieve a harmonious balance between security and beauty.

    Labor Cost: Skilled Workmanship for Quality Results

    The construction of a dream house demands skilled workmanship, and it’s essential to invest in experienced labor for every aspect of the project. From the foundation to the finishing touches, skilled workers bring expertise and precision, ensuring the project’s success. The labor cost per sq ft is approximately Rs 450. As the area of 1 Kanal house is 5,950 sq ft so the total cost will be Rs 2,796,500. While the labor cost may form a significant portion of the budget, it is a crucial investment that guarantees quality results and a well-crafted home.

    Other Miscellaneous Costs: Protecting and Beautifying Your Dream Home

    Beyond the essential components of construction, there are several miscellaneous expenses to consider for protecting and beautifying your dream home. Termite spray is vital to avoid termite attacks that could compromise the foundation. For this purpose, you will have to spend Rs 55,000. Waterproofing measures, such as waterproof bitumen and membrane sheets, safeguard the house against water damage, which will cost you Rs 25,000, Rs 20,000, and Rs 12,000, respectively. Additionally, thoughtful investment in accessories, mirrors, steel railings, and windows adds elegance and functionality to different areas of the house. These miscellaneous costs contribute to the overall appeal and longevity of the home.

    Finishing Materials: Creating a Luxurious and Personalized Space

    The finishing stage of construction allows homeowners to add the final touches that transform the house into a luxurious and personalized space. The selection of premium-quality tiles and marbles enhances the aesthetic appeal, creating a sophisticated and elegant environment. Carefully chosen electrical appliances, ceiling designs, and painting options contribute to the ambiance and comfort of the home. With the right accessories, woodwork, and attention to detail, the house becomes a reflection of the homeowner’s style and taste.

    Key Notes:

    • Floor tiles, terrace tiles, and bath tiles will cost you Rs 1,953,00, Rs 157,500, and Rs 630,000, respectively.
    • For the staircase, kitchen shelves, and window dale, the marble cost will be Rs 162,500, Rs 50,000, and Rs 65,000, respectively.
    • The labor cost will be Rs 425,000.

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      1 Kanal House Construction Cost in Lahore

      1 Kanal House Grey Structure Construction Cost in Lahore

      Conclusion: Building Your Dream Home Within Budget

      Building a dream home in Lahore is a journey of passion, vision, and investment. By understanding the costs and making informed decisions, homeowners can ensure a smooth and successful construction process. From laying the foundation to adding the final finishing touches, every step requires thoughtful planning and skilled workmanship. With a comprehensive budget and a focus on quality, safety, and aesthetics, homeowners can create a haven that brings joy, comfort, and fulfillment for generations to come.

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