What are the building materials used in construction

What are the building materials used in construction?

Materials used in building? Construction materials refer to any substances utilized in the creation of structures. Examples of such materials encompass wood, concrete, steel, cement, bricks, clay, and metal. Historically, singular materials like bricks or wood were exclusively employed. However, contemporary engineering involves combining diverse materials to enhance structural robustness. The selection of materials is […]

New advance tax imposed on construction, residential businesses

Finance Act 2023 Imposes New Advance Tax on Construction and Property Transactions: Key Amendments and Implications

Finance Act 2023 Introduces Advanced Tax on Construction, Development, and Disposal of Commercial and Residential Properties Islamabad: The Finance Act 2023 has brought significant changes to the taxation landscape, including the imposition of a new advance tax on the construction, development, and disposal of commercial and residential properties. This development is expected to have far-reaching […]

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