Construction Design In Lahore

The Key Designs Stages For The Best Home Construction Design In Lahore

Build a Hous in Lahore is a nightmare for any person it is not an easy job. If you are planning to build your home in Lahore and you are looking for the best  Home Construction Design In Lahore you have to select a reliable home builder. Choosing the right team for your home construction now it is time to go on the key design stages.
After making a complete survey we have compiled a list of key design stages for the right information and assistance.


Now, It is time to get an initial project timeline that states how the project is set up from start to finish. For the best home construction design in Lahore during this design stage, you as the client will be involved intensively with your architect or your designer. When your design process starts then you have to do a site review and soil investigation study on the site with the help of your engineer. It is very important to get as much information about the site from the very beginning of the project. During the site test, you will come to know about the bearing capacity of the ground and a porosity test to determine if the ground is suitable for natural drainage solutions or not.
One thing you have to remember that it is very important to communicate with your team regularly and review every design aspect of your site. You should be looking to get 2D drawings including, plans, sections, and elevations. 2D drawings are helpful to get two main variations of an option from your designer.
Once your design is complete and you are happy with the designs which meet all your requirements, you can proceed to the planning stage.


At this stage, you will start working with your architect or designer, and the planning department will start to get involved.
After the initial design stage, the planning department will start to get involved. Now you will need a planning consultant if there are any contentious issues with the proposals or your site. The other specialists you may need to work with are ecologist an arborist and a flood consultant.
Now all drawings and sketches from the initial design stage will be updated and 3D rendered models and images issued to you. Your architect that works in a 3D drawing package, will show you the house on the proposed site and will give you an idea of what it is going to look like.


After the planning stage, now it is time to move on to the building regulations certification process. At this stage, you will be involved with your architect, engineer, and your home builder. At the beginning of this building stage, you will need to choose the construction method you want to implement. Whether you will choose SIPs, timber frame, brick, and block or ICF for your home construction.
Now you need to appoint another consultant who will work with your architect to conduct a full building regulations review of the drawings to make sure, that everything complies