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Construction is an important part of individual experience. Before planning your building construction, project the drawing is essential to know how the area will be covered. Once the concept drawings are finalized by the appointed architects, structural designs are designed to execute the project. A structural drawing is a structural plan with mathematical details expressing how a building or structure needs to be built. House structural drawings are only acceptable if they are prepared, stamped, and written by a licensed professional engineer.

Structural drawings include structural details important for a building to be considered sound. Since these structural details need the skills of a licensed professional engineer, city officials will need structural drawings to be stamped and signed by a PE (professional engineer)

Architecture and interior design
Structural drawings can include:
  • A drawing of the building project.
  • Structural details & instructions: this could cover member sizing, designated materials, and connection types.
  • A licensed engineer’s signature & stamp.
Structural Design Services

Best Structural Work

Importance Of Quality Structural Drawings

Here are a few reasons that describe why quality structural drawings are important for a project.

Precise Quotation
Before the construction starts, your expected contractors will provide an estimate for the work. While these drawings are not very important for construction, they play a vital role in communicating the design requirements of the project successfully.

Avoiding Additional Costs
Once construction starts, structural drawings help to lead the contractor throughout the selection and installation of connections as well as members.

Structural Drawing Services - Glorious Builders

We treat each project including home structural drawings, office structural drawings, and road structural drawings, individually ensuring that our attention to detail will ensure you love your home for many years to come. We can provide structural engineering consultants to carry out the calculations to design and specify the structural elements from the foundations to the roof of a building, ensuring the construction process is practical and cost-effective and meets the relevant standards/regulations while ensuring the building’s stability and safety. Our range of capabilities allows us the freedom to provide diverse structural design services, leverage innovative products, and materials, and include our clients’ visions to improve each project we touch.

Whether the structure design services are residential, commercial, non-profit, or otherwise, at our center, we are a services-oriented company, dedicated to adding value to the built environment. After all, a building is not only a structure. It must exist in a community and better the experience of those who use it – and those who will only profit from its environmental impact.

Importance Of Extravagant Structural Service

Glorious Builders is among the top structural drawings companies providing structural design services and ensures all our builds get the time and attention to detail they deserve. Glorious Builders’ structural drawings service constantly pushes the boundaries to meet the high expectations of our clients. Our skill makes it possible for architects to realize their aesthetic visions, and for our clients to touch their commercial and operational goals. With Glorious Builders structural engineering consultants as your build partner, you will be safe in the knowledge your self-build experience will be a relaxed and cost-effective one without compromising on quality. There are many construction companies in Pakistan but having Glorious Builders as your construction company means any construction headaches are avoided through using our trusted craft and tradespeople and clear communication with overall stakeholders and team members.

Top-Notch Structural Engineering Consultant Services

We bring all kinds of building projects from the earliest planning stages through to operation, in roles ranging from guide consultant to specialist services provider. Our core structural services include structural design services, peer review, value engineering, structural investigations, building renovations, and alterations. The following structural design services provided by Glorious Builders are:

Site investigations and records on existing buildings reporting defects, causes, and repairs are being done.

Accurate and high-end structural engineering analysis is being done to find out stresses on building and or building element/s from internal and external loads and forces.

Design and construction detailing in steel, reinforced concrete, and timber. We will provide design information to satisfy the requirements of the building regulations to ensure the structural integrity and stability of a building structure that is functional and meets its user’s end needs.

Best Structural Drawings For A House By Glorious Builders

Users of a building don’t frequently think about its structural safety, yet it can only be ensured by careful design and construction. We can offer structural engineering advisors to perform the calculations needed to design and specify the structural components of a building, from the foundation to the roof, ensuring that the construction process is practical, economical, and in compliance with all applicable standards and regulations while ensuring the stability and safety of the building. To assist the builder or contractor and to be submitted for approval to the Local Authorities or Authorized Inspector, we will provide the design information together with any relevant detailed drawings and schedules.

Glorious Builders –A Name That Visualizes Your Distinctive Concept

To please our consumers with a well-planned and united construction illustration for all housing and marketable conveniences is the main goal of Glorious Builders. Glorious Builders are dedicated to proposing a suitable session between both parties that are our professional architect designers and the consumers, before making out the trip for architecture designing. Glorious Builders caters all the prospects of architectural designing for the ease of clients’ requirements.

We at Glorious Builders are a devoted and committed team among the architects in Lahore that increases worth to the whole thing we constructed. In point of fact, our architectural designers, advisors, and planners who take notification of all consumers’ requirements. They are expert enough to turn that information into appealingly attractive and well-designed outcomes.

[ FAQ's ]

Frequently Asked Questions​

How many types of architecture designs are there?

Pakistan’s most common and Glorious Builders’ mostly used architectural designs are listed as follows:

  • Modern Architecture
  • Spanish Style Architecture Design
  • Up-to-date Architecture
  • Antique Style Architecture Design
  • Minimalist Architecture Design
What is Landscape Architecture design?

Landscape architecture is a restraint that emphases on involvement from end to end of the phases of planning, designing, and managing the whole construction process.

What should an architectural design include?

Architectural Design’s process needs to go through some of the phases. There are generally 4 types of phases included in architectural design:

  • Schematic Design
  • Design Development
  • Construction Illustrations
  • Construction Supervision
Do architects build or design?

An Architect is a person who gives a draft for designing the structure. The architect gives a complete planning and drawing of construction. He develops the concept of a structure and turns those concepts into reality.