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Pros And Cons Of Wooden Flooring In The Kitchen

If you are planning or thinking to install a wood floor in the kitchen, you must consider a number of factors. Like do you have playful kids at home who would wreak havoc in your kitchen or if your kitchen is placed next to a swimming pool, then there will be more people walk into the kitchen with wet feet. But the kitchen is one of those areas that is slightly moist and not completely drenched in water like bathrooms, it is quite possible to install wooden flooring in the kitchen. Wooden flooring is considered ideal because of its warm tones, exuberance, and luxurious appeal. However, home builders in Lahore and many other professionals also warn of the perils of installing hardwood floors in wet locations. But, there are many companies that claim that the hardwood floor has a finish that can resist water, but none of them declared that the wood floor is waterproof.

Before you take the decision of installing wooden flooring in the kitchen, you must weigh the pros and cons of wooden flooring.


Let’s discuss some of the pros of installing hardwood flooring in the kitchen.


Nobody can deny the fact that hardwood floors have a timeless appeal. Hardwood floors instantly bring a luxurious appeal to the kitchen and give it a contemporary look. Since hardwood floors come in a variety of natural colors, you can easily choose one that complements your overall décor.


If you are planning to resell your property somewhere down the road, then you should invest in a good quality hardwood floor for the kitchen. wooden floor enhances the property’s value tenfold.


The hardwood floor is quite durable, unlike tiles and marble that get chipped or cracked. If you are careful with water spillages in the kitchen then the hardwood floors don’t crack and can stay the same for a lifetime.
It is also recommended to go for the use of polyurethane spray that is designed to prevent spills and splatters penetrating the surface. The use of polyurethane spray protects the wooden floor from water spillages and cooking splatters for a long time.


Unlike tile and marble which are cold and can be a bit of a problem during the cold winter season, the hardwood floors tend to exude warmth and comfort.


Here are some disadvantages and drawbacks of wooden flooring in the kitchen.


One of the biggest drawbacks of installing hardwood floors is that it is a bit heavy on the pocket. You need to pay a fortune to get the desired luxurious contemporary look in your kitchen. Other kitchen flooring materials like luxury vinyl flooring or ceramic and porcelain tiles are much less costly than wood flooring. If you are looking for flooring options that don’t need to be maintained and polished regularly like hardwood floors, then go with vinyl flooring.


A major reason why homeowners think twice before installing a hardwood floor in the kitchen is that it is not water-proof and can be a big problem. If you are not careful with your wooden floor then the prolonged exposure to moisture can cause hardwood flooring to swell and warp, which means you will have to replace your wooden flooring more often than not,


Hardwood floors require continuous maintenance. You need to keep the wood floor dry, which means any cooking splatter, grease spots near the sink, and water spillages need to be removed instantly. You can’t allow water or oil splatters to sit on a hardwood floor or else it will spoil the finish and the water can seep in causing it to warp and loosen up at the seams.

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