Artificial Rain in Lahore

Pioneering Breakthrough: Punjab Government Harnesses Artificial Rain to Combat Smog

The recent implementation of an innovative artificial rain experiment in Lahore has yielded promising results, significantly ameliorating the city’s Air Quality Index (AQI) on Sunday. Prior to this groundbreaking initiative, Lahore grappled with severe pollution issues, ranking as the sixth most polluted city globally with an AQI of 189. The pivotal experiment took place the […]

Dynamics of Building Design

Exploring the Dynamics of Building Design and Construction Cost

Where tradition meets modernity in Lahore, Pakistan, Glorious Builders stands out among the construction industry’s major players. Taking a deep dive into the intricate dance between building design and construction cost, this blog unravels the methodology that sets Glorious Builders apart. Building Design and Construction Cost The construction costs and design of a building are […]