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5 Top Interior Design Trends In DHA Lahore 2022

Design trends change with the passage of time. We contact the interior design experts and get the latest information that which trends are going on. After getting the information, we reviewed and analyzed the interior design trends with the current search trends on google Pinterest and many more.

Construction companies in Lahore follow all these latest interior design trends in their construction project.

In the Pandemic situation, everyone is stuck in the home and trends have especially changed this year. So, 5 top interior design trends in 2021 are discussed below:

1.    Maximalism Approach

For some years ago, the minimalism trend was going in the design industry. In the beginning 60’s, having an obvious white room with just the basic necessities was all the rage. Since the Covid-19, everyone is stuck in the home and doing work by sitting at home, they realize that they really need to the natural environment and more colors. So, the maximalism approach has come back and people are installing mismatched furniture and other goods with crazy colors all over the home.

2.    Temporary Wallpaper

Wallpaper was the simple feature of a home but not it has become a key important feature in home designing. From unique complex patterns, colors to visuals that tell a story, so wallpaper is the essential feature of the 2021 design trends that makes the room more valuable. Wallpaper selection helps to create a sense of depth, visual interest, and style. By using the latest wallpaper , the room becomes more attractive and marvelous.

3.    Kitchen Pantries

As we spend every day with their family and each evening together at home, kitchens have gotten significantly more integral to the home. Because of Covid-19, people stay at home and most families decide to make fewer outings to the grocery store (rather than purchasing more in one go), so the capacity of food, dry products, and space for the fridge and freezer are presently taking need. This could mean the main focus on pantry design in 2021.

4.    Biophilic Design

Basically, Biophilic design is the technical term of designing and design that focuses on our inborn human association with nature and joins nature at its center (instead of as a reconsideration). In simple words, in the biophilic design approach, architecture is trying to bring outside in and inside out.

Biophilic configuration is acquiring footing in the plan world as more individuals are living in urban areas than any other time in recent memory, and science has proven that what people have known all along, that nature makes us feel better and benefits our health.

By staying close to nature, we feel fresh and forget all the worries of life. Due to nature, we breathe in a natural environment and feel happy.

5.    The Multifunctional Home

Now, Home has become a multifunctional home because most people have all things in it. Multi-connected spaces are the latest norm when we have an open place home plan.

The role of the home has advanced and adapted significantly because now the purpose of the home not only to live but also work, exercise, and even enjoy holiday picnic.

Oliver Deadman said, “design and product manager for the London-based Clive Christian Furniture”.

Now, home is no longer the scared place where anyone simply relaxes and unroll but now home must work in a multifunctional work.

The need of Multifunctional spaces for several purposes has been increasing day by day.

“This means having an office chair that is both comfortable enough for long days but aesthetically pleasing enough that it could double as a dining chair or a dining table with slim drawers that are perfect for stowing a laptop, said Janet McCulley, of McCulley Design Lab in”


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