Marble vs terrazzo flooring

Marble Vs. Terrazzo – Which Is Better For Your House Flooring?

There are a lot of things to consider when opting for the floor for your home interior because flooring plays a major role in any house interior design. From durability to design, cost, and maintenance all determine the kind of flooring you need. Natural stones and materials like marble, granite, and hardwood give a luxury finish and increase the property’s resale value. However, these natural materials are expensive and would require proper cleaning and maintenance. But, some of the artificial materials like terrazzo and epoxy coating are affordable and also durable.
In this blog, we have brought a detailed analysis of marble vs. terrazzo flooring to help you choose a floor that best fits your particular need and specifications.


In a marble vs. terrazzo comparison, first, it is important to take a look at the differences between the two. One of the main and basic differences is that terrazzo is an artificial flooring material where marble chips are integrated with cement or epoxy while marble is a completely natural material.
According to the home construction business in Pakistan the thickness of marble flooring from 1/2 to 3/8 inches, while the thickness of the terrazzo flooring is less than marble, terrazzo is 1/4 inch thick, which makes it a finer and thinner flooring material as compared to marble. Marble can also chip around the corners and edges and its repair can cost you a fortune.
Marble is inflexible when it comes to design, while terrazzo is a flexible material and can be molded which contributes greatly if you are looking for a stunning design for your floor.


  • Having a natural material like marble as flooring has its own charm.
  • Natural stone and material exude luxury and spruces up the interior décor and style of the house.
  • The marble flooring adds elegance and imbues style to your interior decor and increases the appeal of your abode.
  • Here are some pros of marble flooring you should consider
  • Marble flooring gives a lasting appeal and brings in luxury and style
  • Natural tones and patterns give the flooring uniqueness unlike other man-made floors
  • Marble comes in a variety of colors and styles
  • Marble flooring increases a home’s resale value


No doubt that marble floors add elegance and luxuriousness to your interior but they can cost you a fortune. Moreover, marble flooring requires timely polishing and maintenance frequently to restore its lost shine. If marble floors chipped or cracked it take a lot of time to repair.

  • Marble flooring is an expensive material
  • It can get cracked and chipped easily
  • Marble flooring required frequent polishing to restore it shine
  • Marble can get stained easily because it is a porous material
  • Marble flooring makes a slippery surface that can result in falls and accidents


Terrazzo floors are the best choice for both indoor and outdoor and it can also be placed in areas facing high traffic. The terrazzo flooring includes environmental friendliness and durability. As terrazzo flooring can be easily cleaned and are also less expensive than marble that’s why they are placed in areas that demand high cleanliness and sanitization such as hospitals and schools.

  • Terrazzo flooring looks beautiful and glossy floor can be achieved using epoxy as the binder
  • Terrazzo flooring is easy to clean and maintain and mostly placed in such areas that demand frequent sanitization like hospitals and schools
  • Terrazzo floors offer great value for money because it is less expensive than marble
  • Terrazzo flooring is long-lasting you don’t have to change the floor more often you


Check out some of the disadvantages of terrazzo flooring.

  • Like marble flooring, terrazzo flooring is also slippery, which can cause falls and trips
  • Terrazzo flooring is cheaper than marble flooring but can be a bit expensive than other flooring options
  • Terrazzo flooring requires highly trained professionals to install it properly

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