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What To Expect When Removing A Wall?

Open concept layouts have gained popularity for a generation. Natural light, family cohesion, and child safety are all a part of their appeal. Removing walls in your house can add space and a whole new open feel to your home. It rejuvenates the look and feels and enables the use of space that is otherwise non-usable. The construction companies Lahore consider this an effective way of transforming a space without the cost of an extension.

How to tell the difference between load-bearing and partition wall?

The foremost task here is to determine whether the respective wall is a load-bearing wall or partition wall. A partition wall does not support the load of the house as it carries its own weight only. Its purpose is solely to divide the spaces. However, a load-bearing wall provides significant support to the load of the house, ultimately transferring the burden of the house to the foundation.

Load Bearing Wall Removal

A load-bearing wall can be torn down. However, it is not a DIY project so removing a load-bearing wall on your own can result in costly mistakes, which can cause considerable damage to your home’s structure. According to construction companies Lahore, tearing down a home bearing wall requires meticulous planning. There are many other essentials needed to be taken care of apart from the structural aspect, such as electrical wires and pipes in the wall. A single beam with columns at either end is often an adequate replacement, although sometimes the layout of the area below may require more than one shaft to be effective.

Some wall removals require more than the sizing and installation of a new beam. The process can be quite involved, and wall removal should never be undertaken without first consulting the professionals.

Getting a permit to tear down a wall

In most cities, council approvals for home renovations differ from area to area and this makes for one of the most confusing parts of any home improvement. If any plumbing or electrical wires are in your load-bearing wall, you will generally need separate permits for those as well. If you are not sure what your city permit requirements are, the construction companies Lahore have advised you to visit their website or call the planning or building department for the information. As part of the permit application, many cities may require architectural plans, structural plans, and structural evaluations as well as a fee.

Access the costs

The construction companies Lahore have suggested the ways in which you can have an estimate for tearing down the wall of your home. The cost to remove a load-bearing wall for a multi-story house is more than twice of a single-story home. However, for a partition wall, the price is relatively less. Apart from these structural costs in removing the wall, you should also factor in other expenses, that is, installing new drywall, putting up new wallpaper, and repainting of the wall.

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