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Ways To Improve Your Home Value This Year

A homeowner can use some cost-effective ways and personal care to increase the resale value of their house in addition to relying only on the positive market trends.

Here, we will be sharing some ideas for renovating the house as per one’s needs and convenience to benefit from a better valuation.

1. Improving the curb appeal of your house

Curb appeal refers to the impression one gets when they see a home’s exterior without even stepping inside. Improving a home’s curb appeal will increase the value of your property and help it sell faster. According to home builders in Lahore, on average, households with well-kept lawns and good landscaping sell for 7% more than similar homes with exterior blemishes or unattractive front yards. Curb appealing cannot be overlooked, and it is easy to achieve with some relatively minor adjustments.

2. Proper Landscaping

Landscaping increases your home value and is one of the most impactful returns on investment (ROI). An eco-friendly look of your house boosts it’s exterior and brings a positive aura. It is possible by planting some trees, preferably outside your home (if the area allows) or on the lawn. In addition to that, placing some planters (seasonal or evergreen) in the strategic spots of your house gives a positive impression. You need to get rid of all the junk in the backyard and casual garbage like cans, bottles, shopping bags, etc. to make it presentable and appealing to the eye.

3. An illusion of space

The area does not have to be necessarily the only thing showing the square footage of your home. One can also visually enhance the area for an illusion of space. The home builders in Lahore recommend the use of thin visual blinds or shutters for the windows instead of heavy draperies. Your standard mirror should be replaced with a big mirror to reflect light in the room as reflection will increase the wall to wall area of your room. To attain a spacious and ambient look of your room, you should get sufficient and cost-effective lighting that will beautify the entire ambiance.

4. Renovating/Remodeling bathrooms and kitchens

Upgrading or renovating your kitchen and bathroom can increase the home’s value in more than one way. It gives your home a fresh look before selling because these are the most highly used areas of a home and the places that buyers often look for. The home builders in Lahore have years of experience specializing in helping families remodel these spaces.

Kitchens are the heart of your homes as it is a place where meals are made and shared, the family gathers and considered as high traffic rooms. You can start by upgrading old appliances in your kitchen with new ones. The addition of new countertops, better sink, higher-end finishes, or new tiles can change the dreary look of your kitchen into welcoming and improves your home value. Just like the kitchen, upgrading your fittings and fixtures in the bathroom are also essential in increasing your home’s resale value. While remodeling your bathroom, make sure there is adequate lighting and modern sanitary fittings there.

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