Types Of Terrazzo Flooring And How To Install Terrazzo Flooring?

Terrazo is a composite material, it is not only used in flooring, but terrazzo is also quite a popular option for walls. It comprises different materials such as stone, glass, quartz, and marble chips that are merged with a binder and a polymeric. According to the home construction business in Pakistan, cement is used as a binding force, while polymeric is needed to bind it more effectively. The chips ratio in the cement is usually 3:1. You can choose different colored chips or single-colored chips according to your preference.


  • First, a concrete base is laid down, and make sure the concrete keeps moisture away otherwise it will spoil the entire flooring
  • The layer of concrete would be of 34 mm so that the chips or any other stone are laid over it covering a 6 mm layer of terrazzo topping
  • The mixture of concrete should be in a ratio of 1:2:4
  • When you spread the concrete and topped it with terrazzo chips then after rolling and tamping leave it to dry out for about 18 hours.
  • Now fill the grout in flooring and cure the surface again
  • Now start grinding and after the third round clean the surface with the oxalic acid solution
  • Start polishing to terrazzo flooring



Cement terrazzo is among one of the most common types of terrazzo flooring. If you keep the moisture content low it can be durable and long-lasting. Cement terrazzo is perfect if you are looking for both durability and aesthetic appeal.


Epoxy terrazzo is an ideal flooring cover that gives an elegant finish if it used over wooden and other bases. Instead of the normal epoxy flooring, the epoxy terrazzo instantly brightens up a room. Epoxy terrazzo is also cost-effective in place of other floorings.


Monolithic terrazzo is usually used in places where heavy traffic is expected like offices and schools. It is extremely durable and easy to maintain. Monolithic terrazzo can be quickly cleaned so that it maintains good hygiene.


Rustic terrazzo used for both indoor and outdoor purposes. It is considered great for patios and garden areas because it comes with texture. Rustic terrazzo is easy to install and non-slippery that’s why it is decorating the lawn and landscaping your garden


Polyacrylate terrazzo is one of the most durable terrazzo floors. Small glass shards are embedded into the polyacrylate terrazzo floor and it can be used in outdoor areas.

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