Types of Glass used

Types of Glass Used In Home Interior Design

In modern buildings, homes, and offices glass is used as a popular design material. To spruce up the interior décor, there are different varieties of glass available in the market. Some of the glass types have amazing properties that render it well for certain requirements such as the ability to block noise and sound. In-home interior spaces, glass is used to introduce a sense of luxury and opulence. There is quite a variety when it comes to the application of glass in interior design. Home builders in Lahore, home construction contractors in Lahore, and interior designers believe that glass is a magical material that can be molded into many forms to create the desired effect in interior design.

In this blog, we will take a look at the different types of glass used in interior design.


Spandrel glass is used to disguise anything that obstructs the natural design flow and doesn’t look aesthetically pleasing such as columns and walls etc. This glass comes in a variety of colors so that it blends in with the rest of the interior décor. This glass called spandrel because of its highly malleable nature as it can easily bend between curves of the columns and give a fine appearance. Spandrel glass is five times tougher than annealed or normal glass, spandrel glass is also used in kitchen walls to hide the cabinets.


Textured glass is one of the most decorative glass types and it is used for many purposes apart from presenting a beautiful décor. This glass surfaces have an embossed design on its surface. Textured mostly used as room dividers, shower screens, and also to spruce up your living space. This glass blocks the view but doesn’t affect its light transmission, which means light can filter through the textured glass.
There are a variety of textured glasses to choose from like frosted, embossed, and decorative.


Most homeowners used tinted glass to block sunlight entering houses, Tinted glass is a popular option to consider to block sunlight. Tinted glass available in various colors, this is mostly used in windows to provide protection from blazing heat which can warm up the interiors of the home.


Just like tinted glass the reflective glass also reflects heat but unlike tinted glass, reflective glass is a clear glass with a metallic coating that reflects heat. The reflective glass prevents heat loss from the interior of the building and also doesn’t allow heat gain in the building. The view of the people standing in front of it also blocks due to the metallic finish.


Noise can be a major disturbing factor in any house or building. When we talk about acoustics and use a solid panel that surely blocks the noise but also blocks natural light from entering. But unlike solid panel, the light can easily enter the building and blocks unwanted noises when we use acoustic glass pane. The acoustic glass looks aesthetically pleasing and yet creates a perfect soundproof room! It is commonly used in home offices, study areas, sunrooms, and home libraries.


Clear glass allows 80-90% of the light to pass through and is therefore popularly used inside rooms to divide spaces. It is also used in furniture, in doorknobs, in making lamps, large chandeliers, and large decorative vessels exuding luxury and style.

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