Structural Renovation Work

Tips To Manage Structural Renovation In Your House

In most house remodeling or renovation projects, there is an important element of structural change that can completely change the look and feel of your house. If you have bought a new property with a traditional design and layout, you can revive the architectural design according to your taste by knocking down some walls, making room additions opening up spaces, or extending out into the garden.

You not only need a handsome amount of money to carry out structural remodeling or renovation in your house but also need a bit of planning before you can actually make the first move. Consultation and recommendations from the home construction business in Pakistan and construction companies Lahore are also important.
In this blog, we will discuss some handy tips to manage the remodeling project of your home.

1. Hire An Architect Or Construction Company

First, you need a professional’s help to start your renovation project because it is always a good idea to invest more in planning than in the execution part. A major home renovation project would require more skilled work than a weekend DIY project.

The home designers do not involve in making any structural changes in the house. They would rather work on beautifying the house. In order to make structural changes to your house, you must take the services of an architect or hire construction companies in Lahore who will guide you through the process in a better way.

2. Work On Major House Repairs First

You need to go for all kinds of repair work before you make any structural changes to your abode. A weak foundation can’t bear the costly renovation work.
Before going toward overhauling you need to fix the foundation or cracks in the roof to be repaired. If the windows are damaged or need an urgent repair, then fix them now.
Check the windows if windows are damaged or need an urgent repair, then fix them now. Similarly, if you feel that the siding bar of the windows is damaged and it will allow water infiltration, then repair the siding of the windows now or leave it for later if you think it won’t hamper the renovation work.

3. Demolish Areas That No Longer Need

Start demolishing work carefully especially if there are surfaces with tiles or lead-based paint coating. You can rent out a large container that can carry the waste generated through the demolition process.

4. Hire A Carpenter

One of the best tips to manage a structural remodeling project is to identify areas where you would need the services of a professional carpenter because there is a lot of carpentry work involved during the structural renovation.
For example, if you are expanding a room or hall and removing an entire wall, then you would need to remove the doors and windows of the room. If you already have a carpenter then he will carefully remove any shelves, in-built cabinets, and doors before you think about moving the wall.
Similarly, once the room is remodeling is complete then putting back the doors and windows is also an important part of the structural renovation. A professional carpenter can also help you in repairing and insulating window frames or even adding beams to support the weight of the first floor is all part of carpentry work in structural remodeling.

5. Install Electric Wiring And Insulation

When the walls and ceiling are open then it is the right time to make changes in the electric wiring of your house. You can also install centralized heating or air conditioning systems in your house. If required, then install new plumbing and electrical system. Install insulation and make sure your roof and flooring are waterproof and if required then go for a chemical injection waterproofing method in the basement walls to make them sturdier before you carry out your remodeling project.
If you want to merge your kitchen with the living room by lay down the middle wall and installing a skylight in the ceiling, then the edges of the skylight waterproofed and properly sealed.

6. Go For Finishing Touches

Now, you are in the finishing stages of your home renovation project. You should first go for complete house painting before installing the flooring. Because if you install the floor first then the paint splatters on the brand new floor can be unsightly and problematic to remove. But, if you think that getting the paint done first is ideal, then be prepared for the floor sander which might graze your walls.

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