Tips to help you plan a new home

Tips to Help You Plan a New Home

نصائح تفيدك حين تخطط لبناء منزل جديد

For some, it is a physical thing, but in fact, owning a home creates a sense of autonomy and safety within oneself, so everyone tends to look for a suitable home in terms of way of living, and in more and more complex ways, only from For the sake of safety and stability, this independence is embodied in the construction of a private house, and if one decides to build a house of his own and his family, questions come to mind, how to choose the right design for the house, because many people make mistakes in poor design without being They have a clue about the course of things, and then they find out too late, that the problem To avoid some of these errors, it is a good idea to learn some tips to help you overcome these problems when looking for a home or thinking about redesigning a new home.

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Tips For Building A Home Age (نصائح لبناء منزل العمر)

First, you have to decide what kind of houses you want, and answer the question: Will the house be big or small? Or what kind of activities will dominate your life in this house? Should it be similar to the work environment, or will it be more family-oriented? Try to collect and record your thoughts, and there is no need to rush to make a decision.

Second: After completing the initial design process, compare the costs and the budget allocated to the construction of the house, and to help yourself to avoid large differences between budget and cost.

Third: The house is designed to suit the size, shape and the area in which the land is to be built. It should be kept in mind that the bedrooms and bathrooms should be at the back of the house and away from the street. To privacy inside the house as much as its beauty.

The basics of home building (أساسيات بناء المنزل)

Make a list of the interior design of the house, and start by defining the type of basics on which the house will be built, such as how many bedrooms and bathrooms, how many rooms or spaces in which family activities will be established, the dining room do you want traditional or open space, and The size and design of the terrace and the entrance of the house and the garage, and if you have completed the basics, start to determine the details of each room individually, such as the characteristics of the kitchen and bathrooms, and the connections of the telephone and television …. and so on.

Planning to build a house (تخطيط لبناء منزل)

After choosing the right house, checking the size of the space, how many rooms and bathrooms, in addition to making sure the kitchen area, it is good to start the construction process immediately afterwards, but if the rooms and house facilities are distributed on the ground Consider the following, which include the following

  • First (أولا), keep the entrance site in a straight line from the garage until it reaches the kitchen.
  • Second (ثانيا), it is a good idea to put all the water pipes in one area, in order to reduce the number of pipes used in the house, to avoid exposure to the risks of these pipes.
  • Third (ثالثا): Try as much as possible and clear the air conditioning system and cooling in the center of the house, in order to maintain the balance of heat throughout the house, ie to prevent the presence of cold places and other places where the temperature is high.
  • Fourth (رابعا): The bedrooms should be in an area isolated from the rest of the house, or somewhat far from the guest rooms or lounge, in order to reduce the inconvenience and increase privacy.
  • Fifth (خامسا): It must be ensured that all doors, corridors and stairs in the house are wide enough, to allow for the transfer of home furniture, and to ensure that there are no accidents.
  • Sixth (سادسا): If you can not build your dream house completely at the same time, make the design of the house easily expandable, and can be done by building the house in the form of sectors and stages.

Best small house design (أفضل تصميم منزل صغير)

Getting a small house is very different from what a large house needs in terms of design, measures and costs. The number of rooms in the small house ranges between three and two rooms, and a small outdoor garden to provide what children need for play and freedom of movement.

يختلف الحصول على منزل صغير تمامًا عما يحتاجه المنزل الهائل فيما يتعلق بالتكوين والإجراءات والنفقات. تعمل كمية الغرف في المنزل الصغير في مكان ما بين ثلاث غرف وغرفتين ، وحضانة صغيرة في الهواء الطلق لإعطاء ما يحتاجه الأطفال للعب وفرصة التنمية.