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Tips To Decorate Your Home With Fake Plants

Don’t have a green thumb in your home? that’s nothing to worry about it. By decorating with fake plants you can liven up your décor and keep your home feeling fresh in every season.
Home construction companies in Lahore and home construction business in Pakistan recommends homeowners use of fake plants because using artificial plants for home décor is a really great idea for those who don’t have enough time to water, trim and look after real plants. The key to artificial plant décor lies in how well you make them blend in with their surroundings as well as the rest of the potted greens in your home.
If you are planning to decorate your home with fake plants, here are some tips which will be helpful for you.


If you have decided to spruce up your home with some artificial greenery, make sure to buy good artificial plants that look almost real. Placing cheap and low-quality fake plants around your house will only bring down the value of your overall décor, which is never a good thing.
The best way to go is to research common houseplants to get familiar with their average size and how they look. This technique will help you in buying artificial house plants that can pass as the real thing. Though such options will most likely be a little more expensive, it is better to invest in good-quality faux plants than buying cheap ones.


Terraces, entryways, balconies, and doorways are ideal spots for both real and artificial house plants. We all know that faux plants may not require sunlight to thrive, but the best way to keep them as real plants is by putting them on the window or any other part of your house that receives the most sunlight.


If you are decorating your house with fake plants, then try to mixing them up with real flowers and foliage to add some texture to the arrangement. Real vines are usually very delicate and don’t draw much attention, so pairing them up with artificial greenery can add a nice touch to your overall home décor.
Moreover, avoid placing two identical artificial plants next to each other. Since real natural plants have natural differences and don’t look alike even if they are the same type, the close placement of your faux plants with natural plants can make them stand out.


If you are using a glass or transparent vase for your artificial plants, don’t forget to fill it with water to give your arrangement a more realistic look.
Put the topiary trees and other tall artificial plants on your porch or patio to liven up the outdoor area of your house. You can also create an artificial plant wall using artificial ivy that is easily available in the market. Meanwhile, big and small artificial plants must be placed in a manner you would have placed the real ones inside your house.


Artificial indoor fake plants can get just as dirty as the outdoor ones. To maintain a healthy and clean environment inside your home, it is imperative to clean these artificial plants every other day. You can use a clean piece of cloth and water to wipe the dust and dirt from the artificial leaves and stems to keep the plants looking fresh and bright. Since dust can be more apparent on large fake plants, you can wash large fake plants with soapy water and a sponge to get rid of any dirt particles and debris because dust can be more apparent on large fake plants.

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