Insulate Sliding Doors

Tips And Tricks On How To Insulate Sliding Glass Doors

Sliding glass may be easy to use or convenient and make for an attractive entryway, but these doors are usually the biggest reason why you can’t maintain indoor room temperature for longer periods. If you are using a sliding glass door then there is a good chance that it is letting warm air escape your home during cold and allowing hot air to enter in the summer months.
Therefore, home builders in Lahore suggest insulating the sliding glass doors every few years to make them efficient.
Here are a few tips and tricks on how to fix sliding glass doors in your home without spending a lot of money or hiring a professional.


The best and easiest way to insulate the sliding doors and keep them from leaking air out of the house is to keep its channel or tracks clean. Sometimes the tiny stones, dust particles, dirt, and other debris stuck in the sliding tracks may be keeping the door from closing properly. To make sure that the sliding glass doors work properly, you’ll have to do two things: clean your shoes on a mat before entering your place and vacuum it regularly.


The installation of weather strips to insulate the sliding glass doors in your home is an easy and budget-friendly way. Usually, there are three main types of sliding glass door insulation strips available in the market. These weather-stripping materials keep the rain, air, and snow out of your home by creating a seal between the door and sliding channel.
These strips can also be used to insulate single and double pane windows as well as regular doors.


Re-caulk the exterior of your door frame is another way to insulate the sliding glass doors in your home. The exterior caulk around the door frame deteriorate easily because of the harsh weather, so it is important to remove it and carefully re-caulk it.


If you have single-pane sliding glass doors then you should consider covering them with an insulation film. The insulation films are easily available at hardware stores and look a lot like the regular saran wrap used to cover food in the kitchen. The double panes glass doors are more effective because single pane glass doors don’t provide the same level of insulation as the double pane ones. If these thin insulation films aren’t enough, you can also use insulation panels for sliding glass doors.


Hang thermal curtains is also a good way to insulate your sliding glass doors. The thermal curtains can help keep your home cool during the summer by stopping hot air. In winter, they can also retain the heat and prevent warm air from leaking out. These insulated sliding glass door thermal curtains can help maintain the indoor temperature for long periods of time, whether you live in the cold northern areas where the temperature can drop or in the south where it stays hot and humid for most of the year.

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