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Timeless Vs Trendy; How To Strike A Balance Between Two?

Homeowners face the dilemma of creating a home that can easily grow and change as their taste and style changes. The struggle is real when one needs to choose between the timeless vs. trendy home decor look, so it is important to know the difference between two to keep a balance. Trends, by definition, always keep on changing with time. In contrast, timeless styles are not affected by the passage of time as they are rooted in enduring traditions. It lets you express your individuality while also giving your home a traditional look.

By choosing a classic, timeless home design and using decor and furnishings to tweak the look for modern trends, you will have the most flexibility in your new home while also building the highest resale value.

Here are some home interior design ways with which you can create a home that serves a timeless classic backdrop and allows for trends to come and go and for styles to change.

1. Using Timeless Classics for Expensive Items

The expensive home decor pieces placed in your home needs to be somewhat neutral and very classic to ensure the staying power. The items that are costly to switch should remain neutral because if you use the popular décor items for them, then it will add to your budget once those items are no longer in style. So, think twice before opting for a pink velvet sofa as the centerpiece and instead opt for classic linen sofa with trendy throws.

2. Using Trendy for Accessories and Accents

It is easy to incorporate trendy pieces that are relatively inexpensive and can make a difference in your design without costing you a fortune. The home interior design items like rugs, trendy lamps, throw pillows, tabletop accessories and small furniture can be easily swapped out when no longer in trend. It is a cost-effective way to add trendy accents to your decor that will be stylish for years to come.

3. Incorporating Vintage Pieces

The mixing of antique or vintage pieces with contemporary pieces adds to the visual interest of a room. To strike a visual balance of old and new, your home interior design should be paired with solid hues and soft textures. The vintage pieces are an ideal way to infuse your space with some old-world charm and texture.

4. Incorporating/Adding High-Quality Natural Elements

For generations, humans love the natural and organic appeal of elements that make them feel calm, at peace, and above all welcomed into space. The use of stones, linen, glass, leather, and wood all have a timeless appeal that will never look dated. In addition to this, succulents are one of the popular things out there which can be incorporated in creating a trendy, organic feel into your home.

Towards the end, I would emphasize that you should focus on creating create a space that feels comfortable, curated, creative, and authentically a reflection of you, your life, and your style. It is important that your home interior design is filled with the things you love regardless they are in style or not, and makes you feel at home.

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