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Things To Consider Before Installing Pool In Your House

A swimming pool is a major investment and the range of options that is, in-ground or above, concrete or fiberglass composite, painted or tiled, infinity edge, or lap pool – is increasing all the time. It is a home improvement that enhances the quality of your lifestyle. According to construction companies in Lahore, a well-kept swimming pool can boost your house resale value, especially an inground swimming pool.

Before diving into a pool building project, here are a few important factors to consider.

1. Type of pool you want

The first question to consider when determining your pool’s construction is whether the pool should be in the ground or above it. Soil excavation is costly but in-ground pools generally have a more permanent feel than the above-ground ones.

When it comes to price, above-ground pools are relatively less expensive and require less manpower and efforts, but it costs a compromise on the aesthetics i.e. size, shape, and related features cannot be modified. In comparison, in-ground pools are easily customizable, and the construction companies in Lahore let you choose your aesthetics up to your liking.

2. Know your zoning laws

Before you break your ground or even schedule a consultation, you need to make sure your property is abiding by zoning ordinances for the pools. There are strict maintenance and liability laws regarding swimming pools in cities and they do not make any exceptions mostly. You also need to ensure that a fence will protect the public from entering the pool area, prior to installing a pool.

3. Pool maintenance costs

Keeping your pool sparkling clean does not have to be that difficult as you might think. Every pool is different and has its own maintenance needs. You will have to spend a great amount of money for basic concrete pool. There are many additional costs that need to be factored in as well including heating, covers, landscaping, and decking. Apart from this, there are daily filtration costs for the swimming pool. The secret to perfect pool health is its daily routine care.

4. Planning landscaping around the pool

Landscaping helps in enhancing the aesthetic pleasure a pool offers. You need to look out for plants, shrubs, trees, or ornaments that can thrive and survive when planted next to your pool and also blend in well with the rest of landscaping. Vines can be planted near pools as they grow fast and can be treated as a privacy screen around the pool area.

The construction companies in Lahore have observed the trend that homeowners’ ideal backyard retreat is a pool surrounded by tropical landscaping. A pool area can appear more tropical with the addition of tropical plants like palms, papyrus, hibiscus, and other exotics if the climate of the area permits.

In order to ensure that your personal pol goes off without any issue, every step of your planning and building process – from design to excavation to filling water- should be carefully executed. You want your pool to be the destination for your family and friends, so hire a reliable pool construction company in Lahore that you trust.

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