lockdown makeover

The lockdown makeover – time on your hands, home to yourself

Alyshan’s interior design consultant Waqas Rana describes how to transform your home during the lockdown phase

Many of us have welcomed the new year with lots of hopes and new ventures to ourselves. Of course, everyone was tired of sitting back at home throughout the whole of 2020 but now was the time to challenge yourself and do something productive. People around the globe were getting productive and building quality workstations for themselves. And not just that giving a makeover to the entire house. There was a wide range of DIY projects posted online that were tried and tested and were fascinating the audience to heights.

Under the lockdown, people were successfully tracking to build their inner skills. Be it the pretty jewels or transforming the house entirely, people were enthusiastic to work their minds to the fullest. Learning to put some thoughts into your planning methods cannot just make you efficient but in such times when you are nothing but wasting your inner expertise can lead you to monetize your mental capabilities.

Old is Always Gold

Peek within the various storage compartments of your home. There are bound to be old gems and treasures that you adored, like designer china plates, old-yet-lively printed bed sheets, unused fabrics, etc.You might have cast them away, but now that you have a drive for redecoration (hopefully) and loads of time on your hands, the very first initiative is to make these relics of the past a part of your present.

a. China plates, especially designer ones, can be hung on a wall within the living or dining rooms.

b. With old bed-sheets and fabrics, you can arm yourself with a pair of scissors and craft meticulous wall-art pieces, drapes, and tapestries. Give your DIY a further boost by fashioning out doilies, mats, coasters, runners and highlighting layers of fabric to mimic throws.

c. Salvage your photographs! Take out those old memories and give them a new home on the walls, and create a gallery.

Reused Organically

Within the minutiae universe of our homes lie tiny details imparted by the smallest of decorative objects affixed to a single shelf or a flat surface. But now that you have time, you might as well devote it to these lesser known objects. So whip them off their usual places. Little planters and succulents are perfect for repositioning around your home. And if you’ve got small plants, put them into old containers to reinvent your space with a wave of positivity. If you’ve got wicker works, then spread them out, either as bases for other decorative items or, similar to wall-hung plates, create an abstract art out of clustered wicker plates.

Move it!

The most integral part of redecorating without adding anything new comes from placement. By simply changing the placement of your household furniture, you will find a new vibe emanating from within; a vibe of freshness and new beginnings. Freely experiment with new combinations in the living room, dining room, and even bedroom, if you happen to have space.

To change the sight of the logging walls of their own house people were capable of tackling the budget and keeping it eco-friendly. Recycling the old dump materials and building them into something useful became the trend of the times, rather than spending money and wasting the products that can be reused. Coffee tables and chairs were being modernized, windows and walls were re-built and to make space more capacious. It was not just to get an ideal space but it was also an effort to make your house according to one would admire to have.

One thing people were getting used to all this time was not spending extra money on the things they can recreate by themselves. They were not running to the markets when they were in the need to get a makeover to themselves or their houses or giving themselves overall wellbeing. These huge changes and experiments were keeping people busy.

Making their place look appealing but also making them happy in their own comfort zone. It also leaves people questioning how skillful and mindful a person is when they are being such creative and productive. It motivated people more and more people to stay at hand and more practiced. Inspirations can come through anyway but how to put your thoughts into a reality and making it praiseworthy is what anyone can have and everyone is one step away from that is a thought process.

Productivity in oneself keeps you independent and ultimately happy. Finding some ways to keep your mind positive and focused, it is necessary to find something you love to do and be passionate about it. Working new ways out and building new habits that can keep you calm during the times that are tough, and not just that brings negativity and makes one lazy, it is very necessary to keep the mind running no matter what sort of work it takes to bring expertise and good experiences out of you.