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Interior Design Studio

Glorious Green Homes - Glorious Builders Dilkash Homes

The Glorious Builders, a Customised Luxury Furniture is one of the best custom furniture designers in Lahore. Experience gained in the UAE allows taking up the most daring and extraordinary projects, create luxurious VIP interiors, without repeating the already used design solutions.

Specializes in the design and construction of buildings and facilities for various functional purposes, and the creation of interior design solutions from new construction to remodels. The highest expertise allowed the company to create more than 30 Complete Interior Design projects, most of which are related to the luxury home segments.

We use only the best technology and materials, adapting them to the specifics of Pakistani construction and decoration. Cooperation and trusty business relations with leading Pakistani architectural firms and consulting companies, innovative centers and manufacturers in Pakistan.

It is important for home plans to be handled by professionals. When looking for a great designer & builders, it is important that you choose the one with the best reputation. Glorious Builders will create a house plan that will perfectly fit your needs and requirements.