Quality and safety in the construction industry

Quality and Safety in the Construction Industry

The Construction industry is one of the largest and most important industries in Pakistan. The quality and safety in the industry still suffers from ignorance and lack of supervision, and the accident rate in construction projects is very high. The objective of this work is to identify quality and safety factors related to safety, and to determine their relative importance as perceived by contractors to help reduce accidents. A study was carried out using a questionnaire that included 55 items, which was grouped into 15 major categories. The analysis of the responses found the most important factors which included: “the security organization formed by the community culture considers security to be a vital necessity for people”, “

1. Introduction

Safety and quality have recently become one of the most strategically competitive tools for project success. Many organizations in developed countries have realized that they – safety and quality – are the key to facing both people’s safety and the project’s success. During the past ten years, construction safety has not been an integral part of construction projects in Pakistan. Neither the contractors nor the owners or the workers worried about the security in the location of the works. It has been very noticeable that the percentage of accidents has increased in recent years due to the lack of safety and quality procedures.

Accidents not only cause significant pain and suffering but also marginalize productivity, quality, time and negatively affect the environment, as well as adding to the cost of construction. This concept emphasizes the importance of safety in construction with respect to life, cost and time. Continuous improvements in construction safety not only save lives but also cost, productivity, quality and time. However, accidents are occurring in construction projects in Pakistan with contributing factors ranging from falling shocks, and others, particularly due to the increase in the number of projects implemented accompanied by neglect of safety. Safety and quality in the Lahore are not widely recognized as inherent characteristics of success in construction projects. The purpose of this presentation is to identify and catalog the quality and safety factors related to safety and determine their relative importance as perceived by the interviewees.