Natural Ventilation System

Advantages Of Natural Ventilation Systems In Homes And Buildings

Ventilation is the process by which clean air is intentionally supplied to space, while stale air is removed. Ventilation is important for both residential and commercial spaces to control indoor air quality by diluting and displacing indoor pollutants. There are various types of ventilation systems that can be used – such as air conditioning, air curtains, air recirculation, and air infiltration. But, construction companies Lahore and house construction contractors in Lahore prefer natural ventilation systems in houses and buildings. There are many advantages to having natural ventilation systems in buildings and houses. So, in this blog, we’ll discuss the major advantages of natural ventilation systems in buildings.

  • Beautiful Architecture

Since there are no hideous duct penetrations or pipework in natural ventilation so, ventilation installation does not interfere with the beauty of your building. Space-consuming ventilation units are also eliminated in natural ventilation and there are more transparency and daylight increasing the level of lighting in your building.

  • Reduces Energy Consumption

Natural ventilation consumes less power unlike exhaust and mechanical ventilation which uses electrically driven fans. Natural ventilation utllize naturally occur forces and hence reduces utility bills.

  • Minimum Maintenance

Natural ventilation does not require filter replacement and there are no filter ducks to be cleaned. Natural ventilation requires fewer less expensive accessories to construct.

  • Reduces Carbon Emission

Since natural ventilation has low energy consumption that’s why it releases less carbon dioxide into the environment. It also reduces carbon emission by a significant percentage.

  • Fats Refurbishment

Natural ventilation takes a short time to complete and allows building occupants to have minimal disruption and discomfort.
Since natural ventilation utilizes natural outdoor airflow it has many advantages of natural ventilation systems in buildings compared to mechanical ventilation. With increased concerns regarding environmental impact and the costs of energy, the use of natural ventilation is the way to go. It provides comfortable, safe, and healthy environments for building occupants.

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