My Experiences of House Construction

Home construction is the process of constructing a home.Developing a house is a huge task which requests time, vitality and solid nerves. This is what I feel after I started construction of my house at Bahria town, Lahore on November 28, 2010. To the brothers who are building and owning a house of age, I offer you my experience to benefit you.

One of the most important decisions is to choose the location of the land is very important if your financial ability helps you:

Land Location Preference:

  •  Choosing Good location for your dream house as I choose Bahria town Lahore. Life is caressed at Bahria Town Lahore with the provision of the most conventional to most modern means to enable a complete lifestyle.
  •  Not be the floor of the neighborhood (salty and swamp water) because in the future claimed to affect the structure of the house and harmless and abound in the law.
  •  To be strong ground helps to consolidate the structure and avoid cracks.

Search for a good engineering office:

I got the possession of plot (2800 square feet) in July 2010 and contacted it Glorious Builders for designing and layout. My experience with the developers is too good as they built according to standard practices and there was no chance of its settling down or cracking. This gives us confidence to associate us with best house builders in Lahore. 

Exploitation of spaces and distribution of rooms to make the division as follows:

  • Men section (the entrance at the front of the house and be sure to be a wide water type to give luxury) so that the area of ​​the boards of not less than 6 meters in 5 meters and the bathroom with laundries separated from the wall of the Council is the entrance is separator. So there will be user satisfaction.
  • Women section private entrance is similar to the space and entrance of men.
  • The dining room is next to the Council of men and has entrances for men and women.
  • Bedrooms 4 meters by 4 meters except the main room of not less than 5 meters by 5 meters without toilet space and that the bedrooms of not less than four rooms.

External accessory secluded sinks and toilet:

A bathroom is a room in the home often containing a toilet, a sink (basin) and either a bathtub, a shower, or both.have one or more towel bars or towel rings for hanging towels. The design of a bathroom must account for the use of both hot and cold water, in significant quantities, for cleaning the body.Some bathrooms contain a bathroom cabinet for personal hygiene products and medicines, and drawers or shelves (sometimes in column form) for storing towels and other items.Bathroom lighting should be uniform, bright and must minimize glare.

Kitchen Materails:

  • kitchen is a room or part of a room utilized for preparing and nourishment arrangement. It might likewise be utilized for eating and engaging.
  • * Kitchen preferably outside and close to the dining room and inside the warehouse.
  • Proper lighting can enhance task performance or aesthetics, while there can be energy wastage and adverse health effects if the lighting is poorly designed.