Construction Trends in Pakistan


Like various other industries the trends in architectural and construction domain have also been under constant change but for the past decade, the shift in the drifts have become faster than ever. With the evolution of modern home designs, home construction is rapidly evolving within the construction companies in Lahore.

Some of the latest trends being seen in Pakistan over the last few years are as follows:

Energy Efficient Construction Practices

In the wake of ever-increasing energy costs, high fuel charges, and extreme climatic conditions in Lahore, every high-profile construction company in Lahore is more focused on constructing energy-efficient houses. It is not only the need but also a great trend in Pakistan.

Passive Housing

Embracing the green movement, passive housing has been one of the latest trends recently. Passive Housing is a highly energy-efficient building standard that saves energy, improves air quality, promotes indoor comfort, and reduce noise pollution. It involves constructing structures that make use of green features.

The green features use super insulation with double glazing on windows, perforated walls to ensure natural insulation and energy recovery ventilation systems to substantially reduce the air leakages. These structures make certain that lower temperatures are maintained indoors resulting in the reduction of energy costs by up to 90%. In this ecological construction, the construction companies in Lahore ensure that the house is oriented and designed to make the best use of sun and shade.


  • A house constructed and designed exclusively with green features is estimated to reduce the utility bills expenses by up to 90% because their interior is relatively cooler than the external environment.
  • These houses have 30-35% more value than conventional houses.
  • Passive House homes and buildings offer superior indoor comfort due to consistent temperatures and good air quality.
  • These houses have the added benefit of reducing both external and internal noise due to the high levels of insulation.

Tiny House Movement

Due to insufficient large vacant plots in most of Pakistan’s metropolitan cities, a new trend of shifting towards the ‘Tiny House Movement’ has surfaced. It is still a relevantly new concept in Pakistan, but people are recognizing most construction companies in Lahore are joining this movement over time. With the rising inflation and other external economic factors on the play, it is getting difficult for the general population to afford a spacious and luxurious place of their own, so they have started opting for tiny houses. It involves constructing smaller houses that optimize space; convert houses to condo-style apartments, merge multipurpose rooms.


  • With the tiny housing buildings, one does not need to worry about costly maintenance, remodeling house, upgrades and fixtures which saves a lot of money
  • These tiny houses cost about 20-25% less in terms of construction.
  • Low taxes and maintenance costs of tiny houses result in value appreciation by about 30-35% in the long run.
  • Most of the material used in building a tiny house is sustainable such as wood and other interior material. They usually come with solar panels and other energy-efficient equipment which helps to reduce one’s carbon footprint from earth making this a sustainable practice
  • It enhances the quality of living with fewer distractions in the surroundings and having only the things which add value

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