Ways To Keep Your House Warm During Winters

Tips And Tricks To Insulate Your Windows For Winter Weather

Winters are almost here – and if you haven’t already taken steps to keep your home warm during this winter, it’s high time that you start planning to do so. Regardless of where you live and how low the temperatures drop in your area, the first thing you need to do is to make sure that there aren’t any cracks or openings in your doors and windows that allow cold drafts to enter your home and force the heat to escape.
Windows are the biggest culprit of letting cool air into your home because of the tiny gaps between window frames. Therefore, it is necessary to insulate windows if you wish to keep the heat inside during this winter. The home construction business in Pakistan and home builders in Lahore can also help you in insulating your home during winter.

Let’s see some easy and best ways to keep your house warm during winters.


Bubble wrap insulation is one of the best ways to keep your windows insulated and keep your home warm this winter season. Though with bubble wrap your windows may not look as pretty once you’ve covered them, your home will definitely feel warmer.
Moreover, you can easily find bubble sheets as it is widely used for packing stuff and is quite cheap.
You can choose a bubble sheet according to your preference between medium and large size bubbles. Although both of them serve the same purpose lot of homeowners prefer a larger bubble as they still allow natural light to stream inside your home and don’t obscure the vision completely.


Insulation films are also one of the easiest and most affordable methods to insulate windows for winter with plastic. Insulation films are widely available in the market as well as in various online stores.
It essentially creates a barrier to reduce heat transfer, window insulation films can be applied on single and double-glazed glass panes to increase their insulation.
However, it is important to know that insulation films still let natural light in, and if insulation film applied properly, doesn’t obscure your view. Plastic insulation films can also be used on car windows
You can find window insulation films in a variety of patterns and designs, which can add to the aesthetics of your home.


Adhesive rubber and foam strips are easily available in a variety of sizes with different levels of thickness and adhesiveness at hardware stores. These adhesive rubber and foam strips act as an amazing sealant. Adhesive rubber and foam strips are also used for sound-proofing, cushion, padding, and sealing purposes.
Although adhesive rubber insulation, also known as weather-stripping, is not permanent it can easily last up to three years depending on its quality.


Thermal windows are specifically designed to keep out the cold air from entering your home. Although they look like a normal curtain on the surface the thermal ones are lined with a reflective film layer, vapor barrier coating, and an outer covering featuring different patterns and designs. The thermal drapes don’t allow any transfer of heat and are thus considered the best way to insulate windows for winter in Pakistan.
Thermal drapes also provide sound and light insulation. Thermal drapes can also be used to keep the heat from seeping into your home during the summer months as well.

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