Rental Home Maintenance

Important Upkeep For A Rental Home

All landlords and property holders try to keep their rental properties in perfect condition, as this is one of the many features that attract people towards a rental unit. Timely rental property maintenance is one of the many qualities of a good landlord and helps potential tenants set you apart from the rest.
But what maintenance you should take before a tenant checks-in and what is your role as a landlord in terms of maintenance during the tenancy? Construction companies Lahore and home builders in Lahore can help you with necessary home maintenance work.
Let’s find out the property maintenance you should take before a tenant checks-in.


If your’s rental property roof is not in good condition then the water damage and seepage from the roof after a heavy monsoon season can compromise the structural integrity of a rental property.
Now it is up to the landlord as the owner of the unit to inspect the premises after rains and to ensure that the safety and health of the tenants are not put at risk due to leaking and damaged roofs or walls.


You should make sure that the centrally heated or air-conditioning system is working properly before you rent out the unit. If the centrally heated or air-conditioning system is not functioning properly during a tenancy, the tenant can contact you for rental unit repairs relating to the air conditioning or heating system.


Pests can damage your property’s structure by burrowing through walls and floors. You should check for pest infestations before handover the property to tenants and ensure that termites, mice, ants, or other pests do not end up nesting in your home due to lack of maintenance.


Clogged gutters and drainage systems should be cleared before the property is rented. However, you will need to perform proper inspection and timely rental property maintenance if a gutter becomes clogged and starts flooding the property. Having good communication with your resident can help you stay informed about any possible emergencies and urgent repairs that need to be tackled before they do further damage.


From clogged gutters to dripping sinks, all plumbing fixtures in the bathroom and kitchen need to be repaired by the landlord to avoid water damage and loss of water. You need to inspect your’s property after every six months and ensure that there are no minor plumbing repairs that may turn into major replacements over time. While your resident might not be worried about the constantly dripping taps.


As the plumbing system, the electrical wiring is also very important. It is the responsibility of a landlord to must safeguard their property from accidental fires and fix sparking switches timely. Your residents should always know your number so that they can call you in case of an emergency where a small problem can lead to loss of life and property if care is not taken.


Fitted appliances add some more responsibility on the landlord’s shoulders. Offering fitted appliances along with the property are one of the ways to increase the rental worth of your property. But as a property owner, you must make sure that these appliances are in good condition to use. You may also be required to inspect the fitted appliances from time to time to ensure that your tenants are not misusing the facilities provided to them within the rental unit.

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