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Home Gardens in DHA Lahore

In the customary Agroforestry systems, the home gardens of the tropical area DHA Lahore distinctively known as kitchen, house, and woodland gardens, need exceptional consideration. They show the functional and structural credits varieties, depending upon the natural and social climate where they lie. Gardens are very essential for the DHA Homes in Lahore to keep the environment natural and clean.

Imitation of natural forest that is highly differentiated and compacted set of financially essential trees, herbs, and shrubs in small plots of 0.5 to 2 ha, these gardens can have over a hundred species (Millat-e-Mustafa 1998).

A good example of an agroforestry system is the association of trees, crops, and herbs in the garden. The yield from the home gardens is varied and production gives extra income for the farmer.


In agroforestry, specific consideration is set on different reasons trees. The most significant of these trees are the vegetables on account of their capacity to fix nitrogen and in this way make it accessible to different plants.

Following some roles of trees may include in the small farm.

o   Beautification

o   Sources of  fuel

o   Sources of natural products, nuts, palatable leaves, and different food varieties

o   Sources of development material, posts, stumble, branches for use as wattle, covering

o   Sources of nonedible materials, including sap, pitches, tannins, insect poisons, and healing compounds

o   Shade

o   Soil conservation, especially on hillsides

o   Upgrading of soil fertility

Unluckily, in Africa, there are many areas in which home gardens exist but not well flourished.

Garden image

The plants and animals have lost their lifelines of native habitat due to the development of residential areas.

Here is some guidelines are suggested for the landscaper

Insights confirm the critical expansion in the human populace and the large numbers of sections of land every year that are taken from the local territory for housing, business, and mechanical employments. Alongside these numbers research shows that melody birds, glade birds, and their food sources are in incredible decrease.

Past the advantages of home food creation and expanded property estimations, today rural scenes are turning into the help for plants and creatures that have lost their local natural surroundings to improvement. As improvement proceeds with natural life, we are compelled to rely on our human-overwhelmed scenes for their endurance.

How can we protect the animal’s habitat?

Planting local plants in your garden or on any land you own is an incredible method of safeguarding the normal living space of nearby animals. This isn’t just useful for the number of inhabitants in these creatures yet also helps guard against intrusive species, messing up the local fauna.  It will also helpful for birds, animals as well as humans.

home garden- A girl in the garden that is doing plantation

When you have a home garden, you love to grow more plants and trees that provide fresh Oxygen and absorbs the Cabo dioxides from the environment.

Due to the home gardens in DHA Lahore, humans take breathe in the fresh air and they feel freshness and happiness. Mostly, people love to spend their spare time sitting in the garden. Air pollution is reduced due to the plantation. Home garden plants also provide the native habitat to many species like birds, as well as animals.


Home gardens leave a great impact on the lives of humans, birds, and animals. Home gardens provide the native habitat to many species. In this way, we keep the environment clean in this era.