interior environment and ventilation

Green Building: People At The Center Of Design

The word bioconstruction comes from the German term “Baubiologie”, and could be translated as construction biology. Study the relationship between human beings and the environment in which they carry out their life from a global point of view. It promotes a complex overview of the habitat that unifies criteria of ecology, medicine, biology, sociology, chemistry, physics, geology, psychology, botany, economics …

Bioconstruction places individuals at the center of the architectural projection, considering their basic needs for health, dignity and physical, mental, spiritual and social well-being, beyond the techno-physical demands. Its objective is to create spaces that enhance and dignify human life .

Quality of the interior environment and ventilation

Novel concepts also require a new language to define them. Thus, within the bioconstruction one of its most important factors is the CAI (Quality of the Indoor Environment). To achieve a feeling of comfort and well-being, not only must the temperature and humidity be regulated, but the composition of the air must also be correct.

A healthy house must be able to dissipate the concentration of CO2 that is generated inside the spaces, as well as guarantee an optimal supply of oxygen . Air ionization also plays a major role in our comfort and health, since large electrical charges can accumulate in airtight spaces with excess synthetic materials.

Ventilation is the great ally, especially if it is done with the adequate frequency and duration so that it is possible to renew the indoor air without incurring energy losses. Good ventilation balances the degree of humidity and electroclimate with the outside, in addition to guaranteeing oxygen supply, regeneration of stale indoor air.

Ventilation must be independent of air conditioning. To minimize energy loads in air conditioning, passive bioclimatic criteria are applied first , then seeking the most appropriate construction solution for the surrounding conditions. Once passive resources are optimized, renewable energy and energy efficiency are integrated.

Green Building

Healthy building materials

It is as important to decide how a house or building is going to be built as with what it is going to do. In particular, it is necessary to be very careful in the choice of materials for the surface finishes of the interior walls, since they are the ones in permanent contact and can help (or not) to obtain a good CAI.